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L Torso, Impact wound / trauma

2007-09-08 – 2007-10-18

Grade: 3

Cycling out nr Currie, allong Water of Leith.
Missed a turn off on the path and ended up in some sort of dump area. Metal strewn accross the path as it got narrower, I pulled up to stop but couldnt get mt L foot out of the pedal quick enough and fell over. Banged L rib cage against an old metal beam or similar. A bit shaken, thinking i was just 'winded' at first, I took it very easy on the cycle back home, feeling a tug / stabing pain with certain moves, esp involving abs.
Doesnt feel painfull enough to be a break, but not sure, possible a crack?
General pain worsened after cooling down.
Tomorrows SOL at Fungle may, very reluctantly, need to be given a miss.
.... Arse to that!!!

Wednesday 26th Aug.
Needing to jog to get some controls out. Surprise... no pain doing that. Can possibly start back doing some cardio (but maybe in safe environments to reduce risk of falling/slipping etc)
Discomfort level reduced to about 1.5 me thinks.

Wisdom? Dont wear studded running shoes and pedal straps at the same time whilst cycling, even if (unlike me at the time of injury) you are just heading to training. One or the other yes, just not both.
As regards recovery, the 'expert's' advice is not to do anything that hurts your ribcage whilst it is injured. Gentle cardio after a few weeks of complete rest seems to be the way to go.
If i had to do this again, i'd be trying to keep some form of strength training in there, esp on majors muscles used for running (eg Quad Extensions) but again subject to not causing pain.