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L Lower Leg, Calf Strain

2014-10-26 – 2014-12-11

Grade: 3

Pulled my left calf during OMM day 2. At the top of the gastroc muscle, left leg, inside where it turns into tendon. Saw physio on 28/10/14, who thought maybe 2-4 weeks till running steadily. So not too bad, and no races coming up, but annoying (especially given it happened during the OMM!).

6 weeks and basically no problems now with my left calf where I tore it. However I've been having a lot of aches in my right Achilles which I think has been causing me to run a bit funny and put stress on other areas, so that combined with the time on the feet at the OMM probably tipped the calf over the edge. The physio also noted my right hip was a bit higher than left, twisted in the sacro-iliac joint, which might be the underlying cause. He corrected that so we'll see how it goes.