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L Foot, Morton's Neuroma

2013-09-13 – 2013-11-23

Grade: 2

self diagnosis; at the very worst I think i have a stress fracture but much more likely is a bit of inflammation over the top of the foot that has trapped/rubbed nerves going down to the toes. I think this has been caused by my work boots being too tight this week following on from the ultra. Feet felt fine on a short light run yesterday but have had sharp shooting pains develop today. Swelling of left foot is only more noticeable now (Sun 15 evening) when compared to right foot that appears to be back to normal size! Definitely more a neuroma than a fracture at this stage

pain flared up again during the Dublin marathon but recovered soon enough. although haven't run "long" for a while. taping the toes seemed to help to relieve pressure on the nerve. gentle running on a treadmill on incline benefited. after 70 odd days there appears to be little pain instead of the "pins and needles" to severe electric shock treatment that seemed to be going on