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L Foot, Other

2013-02-06 – 2013-03-31

Grade: 3

Ouch, left ankle is in a lot of pain today.

On Monday at the night-o I went over on it, nothing bad at all, didn’t stop me running or nuffink, but it must have strained my peroneal tendons a little (they’re the 2 tendons what stretch from the bottom of your calf, around under the outside of the ankle bone lumpy bit, and join on to the underside of the outer edge of your foot).

Last night doing BMF gave my legs a beasting, especially all the jumping and pliometric stuff, and today I can barely walk on my left foot due to very painful preoneal tendons. It's painful just to touch the outside of my foot below the ankle bone lump.

Taken a couple of ibuprofens during the day to take the edge off the pain, but I'm still hobbling around the office.

Cycling is ok though, until I have to put my left foot down.

A day after my peroneal tendons flared up the top end of the peroneal muscle became really sore, so I asume that the rolling of the ankle overstretched it and this is the resultant pain.

Rested it totally for the week. Walking became more comfortable by Saturday, but by then I was getting compensation pains in the right side of my groin. On Sunday the groin pain was worse than the ankle pain - I could barely raise my right leg. Felt like a total invalid.

Monday the ankle pain had pretty much gone but I opted for another rest day to be on the safe side.

It just got better over a couple of months