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Upper Leg, Hamstring Pain

2009-12-06 – 2013-01-19

Grade: 4

This injury had its roots in the heyday of my racing 'career' (early 2000s). I remember driving home from races or killer workouts squirming in the car seat unable to get comfortable. I had several notable hamstring 'pulls' that I did not respect and basically got right back at it ASAP. Then I took a few years off to have some wonderful kiddos. Once kiddo #2 was at the ripe old age of 1, I connected back with one of my old racing buddies (E. Buckley), and we decided to do the 2009 Bonk Hard Castlewood 8 hr. We had a great finish but my upper hammies were cooked. Couldn't run a step without severe pain. LONG story short:
- MRI confirmed partial tears in both upper hamstring tendons
- Two ortho specialists confirmed tendinopathy that might be relieved through PT was basically wasn't fixable
- Did mondo PT...sort of helped...but not really
- Found out about alternative therapies and a great ortho MD in Stl that specializes in this stuff
- Did 3 rounds of PRP injections, 2 of which included fat grafts [2010 and 2011]
- Felt sorry for myself for a long time
- Found a coach that designed a good program of getting back in the game w/o doing too much, too fast (my classic issue) [April 2012]
- And here I am! Not totally sure I am cured but I sure do feel strong and am doing what I can to focus much, much more on strength and flexibility.
- I'm optimistic about some more 24hr ARs in my future...maybe not another 4th @ USARA nationals...but I'll take what I can get!! :)

Right now, I'm putting this one to rest. I don't believe I am completely recovered -- because I do think this is a chronic condition. But the good news is that I think it is manageable through consistent strength/stretch work and careful training practices.