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R Torso, Impact wound / trauma

2006-02-24 – 2006-04-01

Grade: 1

I feel hard onto a blunt branch while running the FLO U.S. Team fundraiser sprint. I hit the branch, which was protruding from a fallen log, with the right side of my chest, just at the bottom edge of my pectoral muscle, about four inches from the center line of my torso. Thank goodness the branch was fat and blunt, or I might have punctured my lung! After the fall, I decided that I had probably not broken any ribs but that I had just suffered a deep bruise.

This injury lingered for quite a while. The April 1 end date is a guess, because it seemed to get better for a day or two then flare up again several times, and I don't remember the last time it hurt. I think the recovery simply took time and wasn't catalyzed by any particular action or rest, but I'm not sure.