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Race Evaluation

US Classic Champs: Green L Day 1


1. Thought for sure I could run up this hill, but had to walk.
2. Along road to bend, then on compass and contouring. Checked first reentrant then second and straight down to it.
3. Straight, checking off dot knoll, first reentrant, then seeing the yellow coming up ahead and straight down. Charlie S came pounding by just after the control and disappeared out ahead.
4. Lower route following yellow and contouring. Saw bare rock from a spur away.
5. Pretty straight. Just right of aspens, then climbing on spur to just below rocks and straight in
6. A little left of line then across ravine to yellow and read my way in.
7. Behind Gavin W-M for a bit along trail, down hill to yellow and stream bed, cutting up before big rock feature and reading in. Gavin came up from just below and right and just ahead of me.
8. Heading for big rocks and reading small reentrant to come in between rock features and above cliff face.
9. +00:10Across spur, just L of line. Saw boulder and slowed to find control, but got sucked down 15 or 20 M by Gavin before coming back.
10. +00:20Lower route, contouring through yellow patches and reading right into control, except got on the wrong side of it and had to climb through a little thicket.
11. +00:20Pretty straight across spurs, aiming for small reentrant on line with control. Got sucked down a line to check another control on a rock feature before the control, then climbed back. Gavin visible ahead, but disappearing.
12. Very slow coming up the hill. Out of gas

Total Time Lost - 00:00:50

Split Analysis

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