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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Night-O - Red


1. Started off slow to make sure I got a feel for the night O. Had a tough time staying in the reentrant. I couldn't tell what was up from down. The aspen grove was slow to get through
2. Up hill to the fence. Fence to the tree intersection and over to the control.
3. Over to the aspens. Along tree line to the trail. Trail to the bend and over to the control.
4. Up the reentrant. Crossed and unmapped trail, crossed the real trail, Cut through the final woods and down along spur.
5. straight. a bunch of people are following me.
8. +01:30Aimed right but got to right farther than expected. Pulled up a reentrant short.
9. +09:00Damn map. I ran up the spur to the left which was ok since I realized it. I got into the green and couldn't get out. The evergreens stuff in the aspen was impossible to get through. I was trying to head north to either hit the control or the fence and it took me forever to get through the stuff.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:30

Split Analysis

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