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Race Evaluation

Urban Festival of Orienteering, Joaquin Miller Par: Sprint


1. The route is here.
2. Lacked concentration
On the downhill, I fell and completely lost concentration. As I ran up the side of the reentrant, I could see Fran├žois looking for another control. No Sprint control was nearby, as I could tell, so I wasn't the only one deeply in confusion there. After making a loop, I bailed to the trail and got the control by bouncing off the clearing with the cliff. I had seen the clearing on my first try, and had I interpreted it correctly, should have had no problem getting it cleanly the first time.
3. From here on, I ran hard, trying to catch up. My concentration was still lacking, and some of the concentration that is necessary for a proper running technique was lacking, too.
4. So I twisted my ankle on this leg. It was not serious.
7. Bad route choice
Twisted the same (R) ankle on this leg. I think Mikkel went straight, with a down-and-up, and it was slightly faster. With my brain and legs in disarray, I ended up falling back on default technique, meaning high-and-around route choices.
8. Bad route choice
The high-and-around was clearly the way to go on this one. I could have been cleaner, probably going straight back to #6 was a 10-second advantage similar to when going down to #7.
9. I went back to the trail for a clearner attack. It was probably not worth it.
10. This is the one I nailed, a decisive leg. I executed the best route 100% cleanly. The confidence and concentration finally recovered.
11. Read map too late
I went too far to the right, pulled in my usual reactive fashion into where the going was easier. Joe S was taking pictures.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:55

Split Analysis

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