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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Blue


2. over the top and down - compass
3. compass - picked up all reentrants high
4. compass and counting features very carefull at the end
5. a touch to the left and then carefull compass into control from stream junction
6. compass - read and counting reentrants on approach
7. +01:10to the cliff - south on compass and missed the control relocated - and came back quickly
8. +00:25aimed off left crossed main streem got into my reentrant did not see the control and the cliff - went down first (I thought I was a bit high - wrong - turned around and saw the control
9. stayed lower than wanted it paid off the vegetation was better for running that way -crossed river and up to control -easy.
10. first leg I had to think about rout - went along power line, crossed river stayed on left side of the river in the woods along the cut area - crossed two reentrants - up and in
11. +01:30took left trail - road route - lost some time on execution - must be getting tired
12. to the turn of the trail and down reentrant
13. +01:00there was no green veg. on the terrain - that was not fare
14. to the trail and cut into control - no problem
15. +00:20compass, reading reentrants caught up to Ross a little hasitation right before the control
16. +00:20compass and reading - hasitant on execution in the green
17. +00:30left route - rolled ankle on steep part of downhill - Eric caught up to me on better route
18. straight watching Eric pull away
21. a little hasitant approaching bridges

Total Time Lost - 00:05:15

Split Analysis

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