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Race Evaluation

US Short and Long Championships: RedX


1. +00:40Did not go to the start triangle. turned right immediately (after looking at a my map awhile) and went up the hill in the grassy area, past the buildings to the trail. Down trail to the big clearing, crossed road and took the trail the the lake. It was very green around the lake area. Control was hung in the stream bed and there wasn't a renentrant there per se. I was looking for a reentrant and not in the stream and went to far to the trail and then had to bounce back.
2. +04:00Followed the windy trail through the green, then straight along the out of bounds area. Came over correct hill to where the control should have been but there wasn't a reentrant or a control. Went upstream and saw the blue control Went back to the control and still nothing there. Went back to the trail junction north of the control and came back down. Finally went to the trail junction, and followed the unmapped trail down the ridge until I came to a reentrant. I believe the reentrant is mapped farther north than it really is.
3. +00:20back up unmapped trail to trail junction. Over to stream. I was planning my route to 4 when I came to a control. It was a blue control. I wasn't paying attention so was surpised when it wasn't mine. Realized I hadn't crossed the trail yet so went on.
4. Decided to avoid the green and take the long way around to the right. Down trail to the fields. Fields had an umapped fence where I wanted to go so had to cut back to the small trail in the woods. Ran back through the start. Followed the trail around and cut into the woods.
5. +01:30I pulled up short. Distinct vegetation didn't match anything I saw. I ended up attacking from the indistinct trail to the west.
6. Straightish. Followed the ledge past the two steep gullies. Decided to cut down and if in doubt go to the end of the hill area. Ended up pegging the control. Could see the water jugs from a long way off.
7. Same control as yesterday. Still didn't see the "stony ground".
8. trail run. Attacked from building.
9. straight
10. Due east tot the road so I could make this a trail run. Final attack left trail at pit, up by cliffs to control.
11. straight to the aid station.
12. +06:30Then things fell apart. I was tired and spent 39 seconds at the aid station tanking up. I had several cups of gatorade. I planned my route out of the aid station, grabbed some cookies and off I went. The next control was a gimme. I planned to go down the left trail and cut in when I had gone the correct distance. So runnng along eating my cookies that is what I did. I cut in and things didn't look right. I wandered around and Feeling some bathroomitis contemplated stopping to get rid of some excess weight but decided to find the control first. I was having a really tough time. Things shouldn't have been this hard. Finally saw a control that wasn't mine but figured it might tell me where I was. I went over to it only to find out it was control 10. I had done a 180 out of the aid station. It was 4:45 back to 10. Looked to see if there was a way to avoid running through the aid station again but there wasn't. Back to the aid station and over to the control. This time I took the right trail and shot in from the bend. Several people had pulled up short and were chekcing the high ground. Control was on a rockpile which was confusing since I was looking for dot knoll.
13. Now I am just tired. Straight
14. trails. Took the trail aournd to the right for final approach.
16. down the road, through the field, around the hill and up the stream.
17. +00:20Saw Tim Good as I was leaving the control. We had agreed to a race earlier. The first one across the line wins. Time started 20 minutes in front of me and here we were at the end neck & neck. I wasn't worried about beating Tim but I was really tired. Up, up, up the hill. Finally got up to the top and started to run down the trail when my thighs started spasming. I stopped to stretch. Then I looked back and saw Tim so decided to tough it out. I jogged in just to stay ahead of Tim, Bragging Rights...

Total Time Lost - 00:13:20

Split Analysis

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