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Race Evaluation

US Short and Long Championships: Blue 2 (Long-O)


1. Lots of trail run overall. Skipped start triangle and went righ up the hill :)
2. Trails almost to the control.
3. +00:10Careful on the bearing but slowed down somewhat.
4. +01:00Got all the trails right but missed somehow Y of the trails right before the control, therefore, finished at the edge of the marsh NE of the control. Extra 100m or so of running plus some hesitations in the between.
6. +00:30Not the optimal but stayed on the trails left of the lake. Would be nice to time right variant on the road, through the start and compare. Too much of trail curving and most of the trails were muddy.
8. Contoured almost all the way hitting right at the control that was ~ 200 m before ours.
10. +00:20All trails coming through the yesterday's last control. Attack on the bearing was sloppy as hit the cliff ~100 m S first.
11. +00:30Woman on this control told me that something wrong with my daughter. Spent something like half-minute trying to understand that she has no precise information.
14. Fields, fields.
15. Finally got confirmation that my daughter twisted ankle and is waiting for me at the finish.
17. +00:10A little bit slow on the bearing
18. Fields, fields back.
19. +00:05Some hesitation as didn't see control that was placed down.
21. +00:10Again through the yesterday's finish area. A little bit sloppy while attacking.
22. Contoured to the trail and then trails, trails, and attack along the knolls.
23. Surprisingly it was possible to run on the edge of impassible swamp.
24. Trails, trails.
26. Ugh, uphill almost killed my calfs.
27. +00:05Spent 5 or so seconds in the swamp face down :) I wonder how they could verify my dirty punch card after that.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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