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Race Evaluation

US Short and Long Championships: RedX


1. Strange first leg, right back through the call-up area. But since I was essentially the last starter, the call-up area was empty.
2. What the... trail through the very strange "rough open" area (see leg 16), across the stream, then on the way up the hill, headed east on what appeared to be the indistinct trail... until it made no sense and headed south... and there was just a lot of green around... decided that I better just head back to the last place where I really understood what was going on, and backtracked to the trail that was headed NE. Okay, let's go a little further north, maybe that wasn't really the indistinct trail. Here it is... no, this just peters out into nothing. Well, head east anyway. Wait, now I'm seeing property boundary signs, but I should be way too far north for that. Definitely something weird going on, but no additional trouble finding the control.
3. Headed up past the dump and found a Blue control -- wrong code -- whoops, I still need to cross a trail.
4. Wide swing right, through Camp Pinnacle, but not through the triangle.
5. Hesitant here, had no idea what to expect the vegetation boundary to look like -- kind of weak control feature.
6. Pretty straight, on various terraces.
7. Stony ground? What a joke! More like, "Place you don't want to be, continuous nasty cracks everywhere, middle part". No trouble, though.
8. Obvious trail route slightly right of the line.
10. Left of the line, down to the picnic area, mostly trails from there.
13. Around E side of marsh.
14. Dead trail running leg, slowly catching then passing Bernie, who was on the other Red course.
16. Hrmph. Looked across the street and saw the most bizarre-looking "rough open" I've ever encountered. From the map, I was expecting a big field, and what I was seeing was a dense thicket. Headed E along the road, and then it opened out, and I thought, okay, well, that was just a weird spot. Elephant tracks were heading too far left for where I needed to go, so I headed straight for the control. Could see some bushes up ahead, but I figured, well, it's mapped as rough open, they must be pretty porous. And then I became increasingly dumbfounded as I struggled up the hill through bulletproof fight. What were these people thinking?! Okay, well, what was going on is that I'm colorblind (protanomalous), and way the green was tweaked on this map, I can't distinguish between it and light yellow. In full sunlight, that "field" is all one color, in other lighting I can barely distinguish the difference if I look close. I don't have this problem with other orienteering maps.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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