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Race Evaluation

Birkhead Wilderness Classic (US Classic Champs): Green Day 1


1. +01:00Deliberately slow to the first one to get a feel for the map and terrain mapping (didn't get to model event)
2. +01:00still cautious, over the top, skirting past marsh and in with no problems
3. on the line, I'm used to distinct conifers in the woods and about halfway noted that most of the dominant trees were conifers so slowed down to be careful, didn't really find the mapped tree to be terribly distinct, but hit it cleanly anyhow
4. +11:00holy crap what a total amateur mistake - over 12 minutes on what should have been 80-90s leg. Didn't check compass carefully (at all?), basically left control relative to my incoming bearing, thought I was on trail headed up around to attack control from the E side, but apparently I was on the N heading track, totally misread the reentrants and since I was gaining some confidence in the map I was picking up the pace on what should have been a very short leg. Cutting to the chase I must have wound up in the rentrant system N of #5, then instead of relocating properly, I proceeded to hunt. Crap...
5. found this before #4, so just retracing my steps here.
6. back to slow cautious mode, slightly R of line, through the saddle halfway, then straight counting reentrants. Just fine
7. +04:00plan was up and over and down spur, but I apparently was higher than planned and ran too hard down the spur to the NE then, you guessed it, more hunting ensued.. Double crap...
8. +01:00slow down again - straight bearing even though staying L and out of the rentrants would have been quicker, but my confidence in reading the map was weak so slow and straight
9. compass and carefully checking features
10. ditto
11. ditto
12. nervous about the green and multitude of knolls, so slow, R of the line to pick up reentrant up to control. Veg not so bad, probably could have run this faster as the reentrant was a good attack point.
13. Seeing a potential paralell error, went L of line, in order to look up the reentrant to the N as I passed below it, but right up without issue.
14. below veg edge, about the only distinct vegetation feature I used all weekend.
15. straight
16. +00:40huh? Bill Pullman chasing the past few controls so I beat a hasty out of the control but didn't check compass and ran due S and for some brain fart reason crossed straight across into green before realizing my stupidity and then tried to salvage my mistake by running in the green rather than back to trail and around.
F. Not that it was worth anything at this point, but cranked up the finish sprint as best I could hoping to get at least one (albeit meaningless) fastest split.

Total Time Lost - 00:18:40

Split Analysis

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