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Race Evaluation

Billygoat 2000:


1. In a crowd, I see Peggy, Rick DeWitt, Bob Lux, Samantha, Alar. No trouble map reading, I am in good contact all the way in.
2. To the stone wall corner and in pretty straight. Peter was off to the right and I called him in.
3. Rare opportunity to run with Peter. I was going to skip 8 or 17, but Peter mentioned 5, which looked good.
4. On the road, I can't keep up with the crowd very well. Scott Turner passes.
5. Skip. I remember this area from the Boulder Dash and am glad to avoid it.
6. Out to the road, only one runner ahead and that's pretty far. On the trail, pace count, then up by the big rocks. Peter catches up and is off to the right a bit, but we get there together.
7. +01:00Up the hill to the trail by the wall. Follow to the EW wall and along it more or less until the ground slopes away to the left, then turn SE and run right to it. Peter falls a few times and is limping, but I'm still smart enough not to dump him.
8. Pretty straight down to the trail. Pam and Carl Childs and Bernie pass (obviously not having skipped). I lose contact with the map and chase them toward the control.
9. Bad map reading
Jeff passes (another non-skipper) I remember this area from Boulder dash and can visualize the hill system the control is on, but I get caught short by the wall 100 m before the control. Can't see it on the map, and so I stop for a while to figure it out. Peter gets out of sight. Finally I get it and take off, catching Peter shortly after the control.
10. Maybe not the best route. Instead of the trail, angle up the hillside to the upper wall and over the cliff to the spur. Works ok, but its very slow. George catches up.
11. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Through the marsh to the NW to the trail junction and in over the knoll from the trail bend. I get confused because the rock looks a lot bigger than 1.5 M and I turn back for a while. George shows up again, having gone straight.
12. Not in much contact as I'm behind both Peter and George.
13. Includes about :15 at the aid station. Peter leads and we take the L fork through the parking lot to the road, and then angling down to the curving wall to the stream, then straight up. No sign of George, but maybe he's following.
14. Mihai passes right after the control, and George catches up again. Up the spur, then across to the next spur to the E at the top. Along the trail, I'm in the lead and run further than the others. At the large boulder, up the hill til I get there. Mihai is coming back toward me at the top. No sign of Peter. I see George a ways back coming up the reentrant as I leave.
15. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Could not relocate
Lacked concentration
As soon as I leave Peter I do something really dumb. Follow Mihai for a bit, not realizing he's heading for 16, then turn E and go over the big cliffs down to the trail. Unwilling to climb back up to take the trail around, head off into the green. Alan Young passes. After a while I bounce out and not sure where I am. Peter, George and Steve Dentino approach from my left. Turns out I'm closer to 16 than 15 and have to head N. After a while I find Alan Y again, and relocate from the knoll of to the SE of the control. I'm bummed because I've blown my chance to hang out with Peter and George.
16. +00:30Feeling a little tentative, I'm behind Alan and somebody else, but off to the right a bit and have to skirt some big deadfall and come around from the other side.
17. Bad map reading
Out to the trail, I hear the thundering hooves and look back to see about six runners bearing down on me, led by Erin Olafsen. I was going to go straight, but the road doesn't look far away. I see the trail as I'm going by, pull out the magnifier and find it on the map. When I get to the fork, though,I'm flummoxed, as I can't see the right fork on the map. Anyway, since I only see one trail on the map, I take the larger (right) fork, wondering what's happening, until I'm down in the marsh. Pretty funny, 'cause three of the followers have followed me right in. Anyway, it's pretty easy to back up and run over to the depression, where there's a bit of a crowd.
18. Out to the road. I get passed by Erin and some cadets, and by Michael Hughes. Running as fast as I can, but they are pulling away. I cut into the woods just after the EW wall, before any of the others, and angle across the stream and up to the wall. Cadets again, and Steve Dentino off in front.
19. Follow Steve to the wall corner. He stops there and I get over to the boulder right behind Erin.
20. Erin and the cadets put on the turbochargers and my legs feel real tired. Bob Lux shows up from the left somewhere and joins the parade. I am not reading the map much here, as it's pretty open and I'm just trying to keep up.
21. Bad route choice
Did not check features en route
Lacked concentration
Followed others
Erin and the cadets go N, while Bob goes NW across the marsh. Bob is easier to catch, but I wish I had taken the other route, which looks easier to execute. I'm not in very good contact. When we cross the second trail, Steve Tarry shows up, and does most of the work getting us there. The control actually shows up a little before I expect it, but I'm too tired to be thinking very clearly.
22. I see George up ahead, a nice surprise. Bob and Steve go left and low, but George and I head pretty straight, and beat them to the control.
23. Bad route choice
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
George asks if we should cross the marsh, and I say sure. Bad idea. It works out ok, but is a lot of work, and my calves are cramping. I would have done a lot better if I could have seen the wall on the map 100 m before the control. As it is, I was looking for the control way too soon. Sure would have been better to take the trail around. As we get there, Jim Eagleton is approaching along the trail.
F. Bad route choice
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Jim goes bounding off down the trail to the left. George and I both decide just to go straight. Another bad idea. I'm cramping badly and have to stop to stretch my calves. As we approach the trail below the green, I see Steve Tarry and Jim on it ahead of us. Not sure where Steve went, but Jim crashes off through the green, and George and I follow, wondering what he's doing. When he gets to the big field and starts climbing over the wall, we've had enough and just head straight to the finish, approaching from the wrong end and finishing together, which, despite all the mishaps in between, was originally our plan.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:30

Split Analysis

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