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Race Evaluation

Billygoat 2000:


1. Read map too late
Hah! I was leading for a few seconds, anyway.
5. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Followed others
Very bad. Thought (correctly) that we were climbing plenty high enough, but for some reason followed along when others thought we were too low. Mistook the stone wall way up high for the one just past the control, and ran up to it. As we followed it back, I quickly realized that the wall was too long, and headed back to where the mistake occurred, just above the control. Wasn't too delighted to find out that I was keeping up with people like Allmuth and Marty.
6. Did not follow plan
Bad compass work
Dumb. Planned to cross the marsh where it was narrow, but didn't pay attention and went too far to the right, eventually finding myself out by the road. Took the obvious trail route from there, but arrived at the same time as some people who I had seen at #5 who I had hoped to pull away from.
7. Angered by an incident at #6, and thus moving fast. Left of the green, attacked from end of wall, found boulder with pit, and turned right.
8. Very smooth map reading.
9. Confused parallel features
All was fine until the end, when I jogged left around the knoll just as I was about to spike the control, and had to go all the way around.
10. Cut off trail at marsh, and straight from there.
11. In a train headed by Mark Dominie, had to wait in a long line of USMA punch fumblers before continuing
12. Mark found the turnoff to the small trail, but then he lost the trail while another guy and I stayed on it and got ahead of the crowd.
13. (Includes 1:18 refreshments stop). Right fork, stayed on large trail and followed stream up to control. Big crowd here.
14. Skip! Seem to have lost the whole crowd except for Rob Michaels.
15. Mihai goes by on trail heading for #16, skipping #15. Caught up to Rick DeWitt just before the control.
16. Very lucky. A tricky control, and I just lunged at it and happened to glance to my right at an opportune moment and spot it.
17. Followed the trail pretty far east before heading south. Rick right with me.
18. Rick ran away from me on the road. Could see Brad Whitmore way up ahead, but couldn't gain on him. Seemed like maybe those two stayed on the road longer than necessary. Both calves started cramping badly as I was crossing the marsh.
19. Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
As I left the stone wall corner, I saw Rick off to my left heading south, and Brad going the same way. Knew I had to be very close, and I headed the other way and spotted it just behind and to my right. Snuck away with a lead on those two.
20. +00:30Halfway to the control, ducked under what I thought was a bunch of small branches, and clocked myself on the head but good (apparently there was a large limb in there). This made me *really* wobbly for at least the next leg and a half. It was a few minutes before I noticed the blood running down my face. As I punched, I glanced back and saw Brad approaching, but I think maybe he didn't see me and lost time here.
21. Tired
Still shaky, but read the map ok, and found the stone wall end to the west of the cliff, and attacked successfully.
F. +00:30Pretty sure nobody was close behind, so I took the "big S" trail route all the way around. As I was heading for the last turn before the field, a guy popped out of the woods, so I picked up the pace a little to make sure he wouldn't be able to present a threat.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:15

Split Analysis

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