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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig X (OCIN): Clasic-Blue


1. +00:20Started off very slow. Should have run hard to the end of the trail and then cut down. instead I hesitated and then tood bad direction off trail and had to cut back to the control. Caught Patrick Shannon at first control (he started 2 mins ahead of me)
2. straight
3. +00:30remembered that the lake had a runnable edge from notes. Unfortunately it was all mud. I slogged along and finally cut back up the hill only to cut back down again. Up trail to control
4. Contoured around the first ditch to avoid some of the worst climb.
5. More or less staight. Patrick Goes passed me
6. straight
7. +05:00Decided the best bet was to just get to the road. Unfortunately I took a really poor route to get there and went through some of the worst green. Trail was total mudfest and underwater. Did not take the trail from the road which was a mistake. The right approach was very green. Finally saw the control and ran on. Was having troubles reading the map at eight which is when I realized the last control I was at was number 8. I ran back to eight and sure enough, it was eight. Ran back to 7 from there. Lost 3 minutes just from 8 back to seven and more poorly getting to eight.
8. Back to eight. Nick Duca passed me.
9. +05:00Ran with Nick Duca along trails. This was a much better route. The trails were in good condition. Same pace as Nick on flat trails, lost ground when up hill and when we left trail. Nick took a different route off the trails. Popped out on the trail right where I wanted to and then got confused. Ran over to 10 without realizing I had skipped 9. Saw Tim Good who said David Onkst was just ahead. Had my goo, drank some water. Ready to run away when I realized that from 10 there should have been a short 9-10 leg and I didn't do it. Oh man. Ran back to 9. 3 minutes to get from 10 to 9.
10. back to 10
11. Catch Tim Again. Get confused on the trails. There was a trail junction not on the map. Cut the loops of the trail. Then followed the stream up as it was green on both sides. had to leave the stream periodically. Found out later spur was better running than stream.
12. straight
13. straight. Went aroung pond on left side.
14. straight
15. trail to gap in green
16. straight. Attacked from the fence corner. Passed David Onkst.
17. Slogged through the flooded area. Dave With me from here on in.
18. Not moving very fast now.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:50

Split Analysis

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