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Race Evaluation



1. +03:00made a 180 from the start. was wondering why my bearing was taking me right along the trail. Finally turned around when I was halfway up the hill.
2. By this time I had decided that I needed to primarily use my compass bearing and pacing, while paying attention to the countours. I could go fast by concentrating on a tree far away that I was running to.
3. started to feel the climb.
4. +01:00Knew I was going to go through a reentrant junction right before I climbed the spur the marker was on. I looked left and saw a junction without looking right to see I was by the one I wanted. I hesitated, then went more left. When I got to the top of the spur, I looked left and right and saw the marker up the hill.
5. Caught up to 2 other runners. One was an M-18 I tried to chase up the hill, and I remember being really tired.
6. Caught up with runner, focused on getting out of control quickly.
7. Countoured to the right a little while he ran the ridge. He kept looking at his map, and he was slowing down a little.
8. I took off and was paying careful attention to my pace count and taking minimal map-reading time. I crossed the trail in the right place, and by that time I had lost the other 2 runners. I started counting the reentrants, knowing that the control was in the middle of a double one. When I got there, I had drifted right, and the control was 50m away, up the hill.
10. I started down the hill, and I was confused when I got to a little mossy track that wasn't on the map. It wasn't really a trail, but it was good to run on, and it was on my bearing. I kept running and found the marker.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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