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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Blue - Day 1


4. Road.
5. Road. I met Clem at 5. I think he started ahead of me. He seemd to have taken the straight route.
6. Clem was running faster than me. We went north to the trail then left the trail at the bend and headed north toward the marker. Clem seemed to be heading northwest instead of north (running straight downhill instead of angling across the slope). I never saw him again.
8. I stopped for a few seconds a bit north of the circle. I wanted to be sure I was not off -- it looked like there was a chance to make an error by going up on the knoll east of the marker. I wanted to be careful since the map showed a lot of green and marsh and I didn't want to get lost in that stuff.
11. I took the road past the marsh and came at the control from the northwest. I spotted another control a bit low (too low), but hesitated because I couldn't see the marker I was looking for. It felt like it was higher than I expected.
14. Around 14, I could hear someone coming up behind me. I glanced back and it saw Clem. At least I thought it was Clem. I was briefly annoyed that he'd caught back up to me.
15. When I got to 15, I realized it was not Clem. It was Mook! I was suprised becuase I knew he'd started a good bit earlier. He told me later that he'd seen me on the way to 11.
17. I saw an opportunity to spend a bit of time on a trail. Mook was ahead of me. When I got to 17, he was gone.
18. Took it a bit easy -- I knew I'd probably pushed the pace a bit on 17 and left myself ripe for a boom. So, I took it slow to make sure I wouldn't miss.
19. Mook came up from behind me at 19. I'd thought he beat me to 17, but it turned out he boomed it.
21. I tried to keep going in the right direction and thought I was on the little trail. But, I ended up on something un-mapped that was a bit east of the line.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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