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Race Evaluation

The Sierra 3-Day at Little Truckee Summit: green Middle


1. Due to injured hip, I walked the entire course.
2. +01:00Arrived at trail, but stood for maybe :40 secs trying to identify what was ahead of me. Finally followed ditch.
4. +03:00Hillside was much rockier than mapped and was tough to traverse. Worse, the boulders were not mapped correctly in the circle, and the control was not placed properly. This leg could have been protested.
5. +00:50Got very conservative after previous leg: went to trail, and proceeded slowly
6. +00:30At end of leg, couldn't spot boulder further down hillside, but finally saw something that was only 18" high, and that was it.
7. +00:30Crossed ride without seeing it, so a little surprised when I wound up in the clearing by the stream, which was OK since that's what I wanted. However, it would've been better to take the trail.
8. Charge up the hill while walking.
9. Straight.
10. Good job identifying features. At this point, I'm understanding the map/terrain a whole lot better than I was at the beginning.
11. +00:20Getting hot and tired, a bit hesitant here, though I went straight to it.
12. Decent split on this leg. Guess that's because going uphill, I'm usually walking anyway :-)
F. +00:07Looks like walking is 50% slower than running.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:17

Split Analysis

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