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Race Evaluation

DVOA Wash. Xing: Red


1. +00:05Hesitant on climb given how visible this was.
2. +00:25Was going to aim around left, but straight seemed okay. It was a bit thicker than intened, and the big trail was barely there. Hit a marshy ditch that junctioned with the big creek, got confused by that, then aimed back up the hill toward a higher area. Should've used the pine-plantation.
3. +00:05Exit too perpendicular to road.
4. +00:15Hesitant crossing road, then drifted left in more green than I should have. This time the pines caught me.
5. +00:20Didn't drop quickly enough and stopped to pull a thorn out of my hand.
6. +00:03S. to trail, left turn (hes. cuz I didn't pace count) then saw it as I ran in.
7. +00:12Exit S, to bend, up and missed slighlty right.
8. +00:05A little right of straight, hit trail near green then contoured. Should've stayed lower then up.
9. Yellow field, road, around left.
10. Straight. White-edge was clear, and I picked the right thick area to aim to the right of.
11. Confused at exit - field looked odd (with some quite deep and some mowed.) Probably a bit wimpy down the hill into 11 too.
12. Rough around, then nailed trail up and in.
13. +00:05Hesitant on exit, then back to full speed/flow.
14. +00:15Left trails (right looks better now) and had trouble finding them (a scout group was standing in front of one of them.)
15. +00:10Stayed on trails to right of line - bad route?

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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