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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Red Day 1


1. Sharon Crawford started perhaps 2 minutes ahead. Like most, I went out the to start triangle and kept going next left on the trail to the wall intersection. From there I went mostly straight but got just a tad bit left before convincing myself that I was seeing the reentrant on my right.
2. +00:25Straight up crossing the trails and the marsh just about up to my knee--I was wet from the heavy rain anyway. Once in the circle across the marsh I looked left before realizing it was right. Sharon Crawford got there just before me coming from the other direction.
3. +03:00Sharon was in and out fast. I had to think a bit before pursuing and the passing her on the trail. I left from the trail bend and intermitant trail intersection due east of the control. Hitting the drop-off, I contoured left rather than dropped, expecting to see the control. I dropped down more and came back north. Sharon was on the scene doing similarly. Dropping to a flat area, I made out what appeared to be a trail but mistook it for the one further below. I continued to hunt looking up when the control was down and I crossed Sharon's path a few times. Stopping to read the map again, I figured it out as Sharon was away further south. I dropped down right to it.
4. +00:15Straight down the hill to the stream, passing another tall woman in orange along the way. I looked at the stream and thought it didn't look bad. Choosing a crossing just upstream of a partly submerged log, I plunged in and found the fast water nearly up to my crotch. The log worried me cause if I had slipped I'd have been forced under it. The woman crossed where I did so I waited in case she needed a hand. She didn't and said she didn't want to slow me down. Getting my bearings again, she got out to the trail first. I passed her, then cut left sharply up the hill before the trail started to drop. I saw the houses and just stayed on top looking for the reentrant but got too far left. I came back and the woman I'd passed was just coming in.
5. Down the hill to the first spur then over to the next before the reentrant between them was deep. I came in straight from there. Visibility was bad and I spiked it thinking it was too soon. The woman in orange was nowhere to be seen.
6. +00:45I got out fast least the woman behind me catch up. Hitting the trail, I cut left then realized as I started seeing houses and looking at my compass that I was on the wrong trail. I came back almost to the intersection and saw the woman in orange taking the switchback trail. I caught her and cut corners of the switchback getting ahead. I planned to leave the trail and go up the spur just before the green fight but lost track of the bends and expected to see thicker vegetation. I realized then that I was in the green and that it represented hemlocks, not real green fight. Rather than fight the hemlocks, it made sense to me to go to the next trail intersection and cut right to get to a closer attack point. Leaving from just before the knoll after the green, I skirted the hillside and dropped to where the steep part of the hill flattened. Then I followed the steeper part of the hill into the control. It seemed further than I expected.
7. Going straight but at a slow run, I kept a good straight bearing and wondered if the woman in orange was ahead or behind. As I got 3/4's there, I saw her on my right 35m away and saw the flatter and wider hilltop on my left. The flatter wide hilltop confimed that my position was nearest correct. I adjusted just a bit more left and spiked the control.
8. Going straight again, I saw some people ahead. They were cutting left and right a bit. I ran faster to catch-up and caught them at a spur. With a small pond on my left, I knew I was seeing the marsh on the map and kept running. I spiked it.
9. I rushed out so as not to let the other guys I saw on the way to #8 catch up. It wasn't a good bearing, being too far right but when I hit the trail, I cut left to play it safe. The trail bends didn't seem to make much sense but I followed it down and up then left it as it bent left above the stream on my right. I hit the stream bend and ran right through it down to the logged area. I hesitated before going further and seeing it on the other side fo the low ridge.
10. I didn't think the logged area would be a safe route but took it any way since it seemed like fast running at first. I got slowed crossing slash and was drawn more to the right for better footing. I could see a runner on the trail paralleling and wondered who'd be faster. Eventually I got so close to the trail that I decided to take it instead. I was just above the intersection which I'd hoped to see so when I got to a steeper rise in the path I stopped. I climbed a little more to get around the green and attacked. Some older men were crossing my planned path from right to left. I ignored them because I felt I had a good bearing going. I was right and spiked the control, hearing at least one of the older men following me there.
11. Going out quick, slightly right of straight, I just wanted to see the pond. I got a bit closer than necessary but ran fast with the flatter ground and easier control.
12. +00:30I pondered this one a while before deciding to head back the way I came an decide again at the trail. Despite the rains, the pond shore was runnable with the water still low. I went on the right side thinking I might go straight toward the bridge. At the trail, I hesitated a long while again debating myself over whether the trails left were faster and whether to use the left bridge or right bridge. I took the trail left but crossed the bridge on the right, running fast down the hill, through the puddles and passing Peter G. going the other way. Once across, I turned north on a trail to avoid more wet areas an cut right (east) again before the next trail. I followed trails south of the wall, then followed the wall up the hill to the last road crossing. I was more careful from there to keep a straight line as I walked and jogged up. At the top I was a bit to the right but stopped at the right place to see it.
13. Out a little left of the line to get around the greener areas, then cut back right to contour the wide reentrant. I crossed the wall and followed it to the end then followed a line of rock to the control.
14. Fairly straight down, crossing streams and using the trail to get to the marsh. Left, right to cross the bridge. Left at the triangle trail intersection and right to spike it.
15. SW back to the trail, then once across the marsh I attacked right to it. I saw the control from 60m away but lost sight of it briefly as it was tucked away and above a steeper rise.
16. Leaving, I saw Tim Good who ascertained aloud that I was leaving #15. I thought he was going to #16 so didn't say anything. I arced southward around a reentrant back to the trail, trying not to drop contours. I should have just went back the way I'd come since that would probably have been quicker. Going right at the next intersection, I climbed the hill and trail that I'd run down leaving #11, taking it all the way to the nex intersection N of the control. I cut left on the trail there and came off the trail where it started dropping. I paused about 10ft from the control trying to read which reentrant it was in then went forward anyway pretty much right to it.
17. Straight down, using the winding small trail to funnel me to the bridge. I kind of wished I'd come this way when leaving #11 but that was already in the past. Across the marsh I cut right and saw a troop of ladies following Gail Gagarin's lead, departing the trail at a boulder on the trail bend. I passed most of them before the control but had to wait a little to punch.
18. Straight out, feeling energized with a short way left, I passed Gail and the remaining ladies. I'd hoped to see the bend in the wall but didn't. I popped out on the trail right at a control at an intermitant stream crossing and knew just where I was (on the line). I charged right in and saw the control up high just before crossing the stream.
19. I couldn't decide if I should go straight or take the trail--I took the trail. Even then, I was cautious since the printed circle hid some things and the map was very busy here. At the rock wall, I paused to read and cut right, to the control.
F. I pushed it in and found it wasn't as long a run-in nor did I feel the grade as much as I thought I would before starting. I punched my watch at the end of the funnel.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:55

Split Analysis

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