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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Red Day 1


1. Trail to bend by stone wall, then followed wall for a little way, and was dismayed at how thick the light green was, concerned that the whole day would be like this. Carefully read my way into the control.
2. To the right around the marsh.
3. S to trail, and followed it to the two knolls on the right -- I thought. That's what it loked like, but it was actually the long knoll N of there. Headed down the hill, but things didn't look quite right. Headed N, figuring I'd see the big patch of fight, but the contours didn't look right. Finally decided that the fight must be invisible, headed S, then everything clicked and I went directly to the control.
4. Diagonally down hill, and crossed thigh-deep river as soon as I got to it. Missed control a little to the N, saw house up ahead, and turned around.
5. Along what looked like a faint ride, then turned right, and found an unmapped ruin. It was mighty thick, couldn't see the topography, so I bailed NW to the trail, and had no trouble attacking back in.
6. Fell asleep running the trail, and got to the junction SW of the control. Went N, and came in from a high point.
7. Reading carefully, got to dot knoll 80 m S of control, but missed to the right on my attack. Rewound to the dot knoll and succeeded on the second try.
8. Took off fast, found "small" marsh just left of the line (not small today!), and had a smooth time from there.
10. Trail.
12. Straight down hill to bridge, missed control slightly to the right.
13. Wall to corner, then drifted right. Thought there would be a short trail, but it's actually three cliffs. Hit stone wall E of control, immediately turned around and went directly to it.
14. Almost fine, but as I got close, I saw what looked like the flag up ahead, but it turned out to be one of the depressions with a mylar balloon stuck in a sapling, so I had to double back.
15. Trail.
16. Attacked from trail on the NW side.
18. Drifted right, got kind of close to field. Hit stream 50m S of control at trickle, headed N, but though that there was a trickle under the cliff I was looking for (really two stony ground dots), and I didn't look far enough uphill. Overshot by 100m before I figured it out.
19. Trail to wall, and went though the deep water because I didn't see the E-W trail on the map.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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