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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Green Day 2


1. End of the stone wall, and then right to it. Nice to have an easy first leg to get into the map.
2. I intentionally cut in a bit early, and it was right there; so I can see how some others went too far on the trail. Remember how the pit from yesterday was closer to the E-W trail then mapped? I think the map's a bit off here.
3. The little cliff just before the circle and right of line led me right to it.
4. Aimed off a bit left of line, then up the trail attacking just past the reentrant right of line. Easy from there. Glen came from other side as I was punching.
5. +03:00With Glen on this leg, we tried to go straight but both missed it (mutual distraction?). Baled to the trail, and climbed back up to it.
6. +05:00Attacked from the trail just past the first marsh (I thought), headed due S (I thought), but when I got to the area, I couldn't find it. After a minute of looking, I did what I had promised myself I would (after yesterday): relocate on something obvious and try again. (I also worried maybe I had attacked from the wrong place - after the second marsh?) When I got to the trail I saw Jeff S.and ended up with him at the trail jucntion well W of the control. We took the trail S to the two boulders and then in.
7. +01:00Was pretty far left of line, which caused me to stop short and spend some time motionless, reading the map.
8. Tried to go a bit left of the dark green, but it was very thick everywhere. But succeeded in executing plan of following the index contour (top of hillside) right to it.
9. Went pretty straight from the trail junction, and spiked it. (Dark green, on this map, is often no slower than light green.)
10. Basically straight. Saw Gail after crossing the last trail N of the marsh. She was going to a pit just S of our line. As i got near, I saw the spur opening up, and spiked it.
11. +00:30Probably dead on line, but didn't have my bathing suit on, so I went S a bit to cross and came out at the ruined stone wall. (Stupid to go around; I still went in over my ankles.)
12. Pretty straight, thick the whole way, but going around wouldn't have been any faster.
F. Not sure why this split is so slow.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:30

Split Analysis

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