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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Green Day 2


1. Run trail until see bend. N to control.
2. ugh, ran trail too far N before cutting in. Wandered for too long before coming back.
3. SW to trail, then NW from corner.
4. Straight to path, but even though I landed on line, it took me a while to figure out where I was.
5. Straight.
6. Ugh. Ran trail to N of line, then took a bearing in. I think I was almost on top of it, then ended up being confused when I saw a trail. Ended up reorienting from the boulder pair near the trail to the W.
7. With PG following, go through the green. When we came over the top, Will was on our right. I saw the bag and tumbled running towards it. Will & Peter punched ahead of me.
8. Followed PG until he cut right, I trusted my line and kept straight. But then I got hornswaggled because a train of 3 people were paused, looking at their maps as I came up to them. I thought maybe the control was behind them. Nope. I went forward found Jim Eagleton. We eventually found it.
9. After crossing swamp I continued on trail, JE went right. I cut the corner and followed the spur to the control.
10. Emerged on the trail to the N instead of to the E as planned, causing me to bobble. Then I ran E, picking up Siobhan Fleming, but we parted at the trail/stone wall junction. She took trails, I went diagonally up hill, finding an unmapped trail on the far side of the road. Met SF again when I got to the mapped trail. We parted again, but punched together.
11. When we got to the stream, neither one of us felt like plunging in, so we went south to a log. When we reached the ruined wall, I thought it was our wall while SF ignored it. I was confused for a minute.
F. Not a sterling run, but I managed to hold onto 2nd place M50.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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