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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Red Day 1


2. +01:00followed stone wall from corner, then went left around marsh instead of right (looked too thick to right), wandered around N of control for a bit
3. +05:00SW to trail corner, cut off by clearing, over knoll, saw intermittent trail then wandered right, confused by dark green that was actually very spotty, up and down hillside for a while, finally spotted someone barreling downhill out of the control
4. looked for good crossing spot up and down thestream, didn't find one. Waded thru by the stone wall, water about half way up thighs. Trail, then angle up hill side and nailed it.
5. +01:15rough compass into the crap, wandered left, saw blazes for park boundary, and corrected right, lucked into it.
6. +05:00hit first trail and promptly turned right, corrected when I saw the clearing by the houses. Back to trail junciont and up, wandered with several others to the E of the control, found it first.
7. very careful and nailed it!
8. +02:30very careful, got to circle OK, but got confused by which way the reentrant was going, circled around for a bit, guided in by Erin & Kristin
10. Back to trail and up.
12. Considered the northern trail route, but it looked too long. Decided to beeline for the middle crossing point, hit the trail a couple hundred meters north, sloshed down to the crossing. Heading up the trails on the east side, got momentarily confused by the trail junction that looked more like a stream junction with all the water. Trudged up the hill, hit a bit south of the control, found it with no problem.
13. +02:00Followed stone wall to corner, just above rock features, then stayed too high. Ended up about 150m NE of the control at the stone wall, amount of water coming down the reentrant threw me off, thought I was near the intermittent stream NW of the control.
16. Rough compass to second trail, up to junction, in over small knolls. Sporadic visibility made approach tentative, but hit it OK.
17. Angled down to trail, across bridge, then right on trail and in.
18. Soem bluerunners (?) werr taking off out of the control due north - thought about heading that way and looping around on the trails, but instead bee-lined (slowly). Running out of steam. Tough getting through the stream and up the hill.
19. Bee-lines rather than go around on the trail - trail might have been faster.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:45

Split Analysis

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