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Race Evaluation

Hudson Highlander X:


1. Took it easy on this leg, following trails. I briefly considered being clever and going the other way from the start, but in the past I had been burned big time by being clever. I wonder whether it would have been faster?
2. road to point due E of control, dropped into the area S of the control, corrected after seeing people leave control area. Punched in with Tim Good, who I saw at many subsequent controls.
3. control was left of where we thought -- I spotted it in passing
4. W around top of marsh. Followed stone wall, seeing people on the right wandering around. I said "I think we're at the lower wall" and turned up just at the right moment. Thanks, Nancy, for sitting there. Picked up Sharon Crawford here.
5. Followed the purple line.
6. Followed Sharon on the trail to the left.
7. We had a little bit of trouble in the control area, but not much time was lost.
8. Followed Sharon right (in hindsight, straight N, following reentrants around would have been better). She went over the top on the trail, I came around the side, arriving the same time. T.G. just behind
10. I looked at the map, wondered why they didn't put us on the road. But I trusted Paul when he said he thought the streamered route was best. Streamers weren't too plentiful. I parted ways with S.C. & T.G. when we were going N and they went off to the right. I went up a reentrant for a while, then saw them on a ridge above me. I went up and followed them in.
11. T.G. & I stopped for a few minutes. Not Sharon!
12. We bobbled a bit in the area. Hey, no teeth on the punch!
13. I went NE to trail up the hillside, T.G. went up earlier. I didn't see him again on this leg. When I hit the stream jct I didn't know it, got confused, finally went up the reentrant & found it. T.G. rejoins.
14. I went straight, T.G. to the right. We met at control. Nice view!
15. Somehow navigated to right line of cliffs. Didn't know where I was until I found the 2m cliff on the SW edge of the circle.
16. Up rocky reentrant N of line to trail. Cut E between the knolls after the trail bend, T.G. just behind.
17. NNE to trail, then across swamp break. No idea where T.G. went. When I got to the area, my brain left me for a while. Took me several minutes to figure things out and met T.G. again at the control.
18. T.G. takes off, I take a minute to plan. OK. N to trail, trail to Times Sq. and a bit further, taking trail W, up to saddle, down rocky reentrant, etc.
19. SSW to trail, then made a poor choice of following too far, losing elevation. Left trail NNE of control. Seeing that it was 2PM, I stopped for a minute in memory of my friend Al whose ashes were being scattered in the Charles River at about that time. I didn't know what line of cliffs I was following, met a couple of lost cadets when I got to the open area. We were W of the control, which I figured out and led them in.
20. Briefly considered the road, which might have been faster, but went straight instead.
22. Got to reentrant NE of control and had a brain fade, standing for a few minutes until cadets caught up. Regained consciousness and led them in.
23. Cadets went straight, I took trail to road. Up over green spur. Cadets just behind me at control.
25. Got to start/finish just as the awards were starting. I stopped to drink half a coke and a handful of pretzels.
26. Stopped to rest at top of climb. Peter Goodwin and another guy caught up.We got to the area. I spotted the rock and said "There's a rock". As a I got closer I said "There's a stick leaning against the rock". P.G. remarked "Good thing there's a control hanging from the stick".
28. I stayed slightly higher than the others and checked a knollish region higher on the same spur, then looked down and saw them punching in.
F. I was able to run, but P.G. & the other guy weren't. I thought it rude to pass them after they showed me the last control, so I finished with them.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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