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Race Evaluation

Cedarview West B-meet: Long Advanced


1. I had the poorest first leg and all I had to do was stay on a long trail run and not mess with the green. Even better, I should have run straight at control across field and jumped fence, d'oh.
2. I ran all the way around fencing when I could have run through the first set of fencing.
3. trail run
4. Even though, I ran the S (and wrong) side of marsh, the metric does not think I lost time.
5. trail run then N side of pond
6. This was a tough leg through knee deep water and I didn't expect to have worst leg because I thought many would suffer. However, I did pass w/in 30m of control and didn't see in thick green and then backtracked along pasture.
7. compass run through vegetation
8. tried run through vegetation again but dumped out on trail I should have used anyway. Unless previous races here, there weren't elephant tracks right through final small woods.
10. mud was deeper than shoes in pasture
11. I just backtracked and then compass across pastures.
13. N along pasture (and what was mapped as trail) and then straight NW to control.
14. very familiar run though wet along a very familiar dead fence
16. straight W to trail, then 1 and a half trails then straight S through vegetation and for some reason I expected control on W edge of pine forest but then had to get across final swamp.
17. Frederic caught me half way through leg and I tested my trail run vs his straight run. I wasn't fast enough to have a good leg here but it set me up perfectly for next leg.
18. I was able to run this leg straight at control across all vegetation w/ only Robbie having faster leg.
19. This was a quick leg though I probably should have shot over to easy to follow canal much sooner.
20. I decided on a different route choice, stay on the muddy trails and use no streets though I'm sure every one else did. After making decision, I recalled geocache on route that I might try to visit by memory. I took that 80m detour and didn't see but I'm still glad for the experimental route choice: long soft trail run w/ brain turned off.
21. I backtracked same trails and raced faster than all but Robbie
F. Straight N then sprint trail, boardwalk, trail

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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