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Race Evaluation

Colorado 5-Day: Day 3: Red


1. Auspicious start to a crummy run: blew the first (stremered) control. I'm colorblind and the streamers were red, but some minimal navigation should have kept me from stopping short.
5. Went east on the trail a bit to make sure of where I was, and went down the yellow patch to the east of the conrtol. Slow appraoch as I was carefully figuring out where I was.
6. Extermemly bad and stupid. Hit the fence about halfway to the control, and convinced myself that I was at the corner. Looked around at various bumps, trying to get them to match the map, and finally relocated to the fence, and decided to see if it went further. Once I got to the real corner I found it easily. Orlyn was wandering around there, as well as a woman I didn't get close enough to recognize.
8. Unable to keep running even on the flat.
9. Really slow going uphill.
10. Ah, the mysterious yellow teardrop, courtesy of my flaky digtizer, circa 1995. Sorry about that.
11. Through the first saddle, along the tops of the clearings, and missed the control a little to the right.
15. There seems to have been an extra trail in here, although I shouldn't have let that throw me. Stopped short, not bothered by the fact that I hadn't crossed the stream yet.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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