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Race Evaluation

West Point: Sprint


1. +00:03Easy leg but on arrival was blinded by sweat - stopped for a few seconds to wipe it clear so I could see again...
2. +00:05Left out to road and thru combat field. Accidentally headed towards hill with #3 on it but caught myself in time.
3. +00:10Ran to hill - but where is the boulder? Finally saw the boulder down in the green, but no control? Looked around again, then finally went behind boulder to find control. *&^$%!
4. To left out to field
5. +00:10Somehow missed the trail heading south and went east first along open field - realized after 25m but by then already too late
6. Back to trail (through Trail-O) - but not marked out of bounds on my map and I got no instruction on this so it seemed fair game...
9. Out on paved road - valley looked deeper than mapped... Entered woods from yellow patch, straight up across spur then angled right, below first large cliff. I think straight over the top maybe better but I didn't have the legs so wimped out and contoured
10. Easy, straight
11. Easy, straight
12. Easy, straight
13. A little more tricky bit hit it bang on as someone else was punching out while I entered
14. +00:20In a word - YIKES. Very slow out to trail - the green seemed greener than expected so had to cut back left while crossing marsh. Very, very tired and slow up hill; walked until last 50 meters. This leg too physically tough / slow for a sprint course I think
15. Meant to go straight but ended up out by road so went road - probably faster in the end anyway??
16. +00:05Went to wrong building (one to the west) and lost some seconds looking around and figuring out what went wrong
F. Left, down to road and then out.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:53

Split Analysis

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