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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 2: Red Y


1. Early start today. Hesitant out of the start then took the trail to first saddle. Probably would have been better to have just gone straight along the relatively flatter ground on the ridge instead of the side hill stuff. Dropped L below the hill then straight line to control passing the blue control on the way. Passed by both the blue runner and red Joe M? who started after me.
2. Thru the saddle and straight into it. Ok except for the uphill. We caught another runner here. Joe is already pulling away.
3. Straight and tried to avoid dropping below it. Still had company to help lead me in.
4. Down to point of bog then tried to cross the streams at the jct. Not sure of exact point and did not see the trail. Thought I was going along the rocky section to E of the line but must have been W of the rocks on the W of the line. Ended up missing and not being able to tell where I was. Lots of people passing thru and I saw several controls which were not mine. Should have bailed to the road and relocated from the marsh but felt I was close. Went NW to look down into the reentrant and then worked my way back SW. Eventually found a control on a pond. Could not find pond on the map but saw a small wet area with a depression near it. Found the depression and from there the control was easy. To bad I have already wasted 15 minutes.
5. North side of the green. Should have paid more attention to where I crossed the trail, to far NE and was well up the reentrant. As I was approaching Ernst Linder ran out.
6. Skipped the water at 5 and chased him as best I could. The bare rock areas (and Ernst) kept me on a good line.
7. Someone else (Eric Buckley) had been close coming out of 5 but had not made up ground going to 6. Starts making it up now as Ernst pulls away. Straight N to the streams then NW around the hill. Just after the turn I have to stop and retie both shoes (what happened to the duct tape holding the laces?) and Eric passes me. No problem finding 7 by running out the L side of the spur.
8. Start straight but drop down to the trail High route might have been quicker with less side hill running. From the water I climbed early and tried to contour in. Just a bit high and see Eric climbing up on the way to 9.
9. Climb up and run along the nice unmapped trail in the yellow. Decide not to go to the corner and cut right early but get confused in the small reentrants and come up short and high. See a control below me which is now mine and one above me which is not mine. Ken arrives and sees the lower control then runs up the the higher one which must be on the blue course. I continue on and see my control but Ken has passed me before I can get to the common control.
10. Straight up hill and spike the control because it is there and visible. Had not realized it was common and when Ken punches it I almost continue on since I am looking for a reentrant and see none there.
11. Take the indistinct trail and cut off but end up missing the control to the left. Have to relocate from the rocky reentrant then climb a bunch of contours. Bag is hidden behind a rootstock right next to the boulder.
12. Straight with some contouring on the uphill part. Small clearing is very noticable with a control and line of runners going to it. From there rocks were easy to find and the bag hung high. Thought there might be problems because I see only rocky ground on my map and no specific boulders.
13. Straight, checking my direction at the water stop. After crossing the stream I can see the boulders.
14. A soggy mess. Straight until I hit the trail then follow it thru the green.
15. Straight but still hit the trail to the left.
F. A strong finish but not worth saving a few seconds when I have lost 20 min on 4 and 11.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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