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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 2: Red Y


1. Along trail, passed 2 guys assisting a gal back towards the start - sprained ankle??, Over 2d hilltop, between 2 knolls and angled down. Saw a control by a boulder and headed to it. Almost punched in, momentary confusion when I checked the control, then quickly figured out I was at the uppper boulder and saw lower boulder. Shouldn't the mapper have cut the contour line so the boulder shows up better?
2. Up the hill, over the top between the 2 small knolls, 2 boulder on my left. Went down the left side of the rock features. John F. came blazing down on the right, punched shortly after him.
3. +00:45Down to indistinct trail, distracted by a coiuple of kids yelling back and forth below me, overshot and hit stony ground, came back to it. Should have looked for the 2 rock faces below the trail and gone in just past them.
4. +02:00trouble picking good line alone marsh edge - should have stayed higher?? Hit stream higher than I expected, had hooked to the right a bit, wasn't checking compass enough. Crossed both streams. Stayed to left of rocky ground, slogged up through the blueberry bushes. Kept wandering right. Passed rootstock 200m NNW of control, slog thru more blueberry bushes to control. Lost 2:00 min from wandering off planned line and/or general slowness.
5. Went right of marshes, just right of monster boulders, over bare rock knoll, form line knoll and in.
6. Right of line to stay out of rocky ground, wandered right though saddle, then right of rootstock, between bare rock areas and in.
7. long cross slope, dropped a bit more than I wanted to. Martie H-T went by. To right of upper marsh, just below rock faces, between open rock areas, left of knoll. Stayed high and saw it below. Martie and other runners in areas made me push it more that I would have otherwise - Martie was leaving looked like he was heading due east and climbing to 8.
8. Decided to go low to trail. Stayed low at water point, kept below first few cliffs then angled up and pegged it. Looking back, going a bit ore to the right would have been better, use boundary clearing - but doesn't have a good attack point.
9. Followed unmapped jeep trail, some up and down over cliffs. stayed to right of cleared strip. Didn't follow cleared strip to corner because I thought is dropped too far - looking now it might have been a better choice.
10. Up the hill - pegged it.
11. to the clearing, followed along the upper edge of it. Through the saddle, careful contour around - pegged it.
12. Down the hill, get a yellow runner redirected, tick off rock features, reentrant, see control before I see the boulder
13. head right of th eline to avoid some of the rocky footing, cross trail, then hit by north water point, cross stream and guide off Ernst
14. push through to trail, not running real fast

Total Time Lost - 00:02:45

Split Analysis

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