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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 2: Red Y


1. Followed the trail, then went over the next hill top, and through the saddle on the next hilltop after that. Followed a reentrant down to within sight of the control.
3. Down to trail which I followed until just above the control.
4. Down to the edge of the bog. Would probably have been better to follow the trail. I then followed the trail until at the height of the control, probably better to just go up the reentrant.
5. To the left of the green. Maybe faster to go right.
7. Went through the large reentrant, though on the east slope. Went too high up on the slope. Got a bit thrown off by what I thought was a cliff in my approach to the control, but not a major problem.
8. I keep going on top of cliffs and then ending up going down again. Probably faster to just stay down unless the ground is bad.
9. Went up to the clear strip (really a trail).
10. Went up the wrong reentrant and realized I was at the cliffs to the south, then turned around.
11. Up the reentrant and contoured once I got to the saddle. Saw someone who appeared to be coming out of a lower rock than I thought so I went to that one, then realized the control was actually a few meters higher up.
12. Stayed low until I got to the reentrant leading to the control.
13. Intended to go around on the trail, but changed my mind and then wasn't sure of where I was.
14. Took the trail which was a big mudhole. Not sure if there was a dryer/less rocky area to the side or not.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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