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Race Evaluation

West Point: Sprint


1. Bunch of little munchkins around the bag - had to fight to get in and then out, pretty distracting
2. +01:45What was I thinking? Clambered down the wall into the yellow area constricted on one side by green and the other side by water. Looked around in despair for a while, then fought through the green and along the side of the brown area, in to the control
3. +00:15Went to the rock on the left and looked at it and back at the bunkers, then saw flag behind second rock
4. +01:00Saw a flag and ran to it. Too bad it was on the knoll left of the flag and beyond.
5. OK, just run. Stayed on the trail until past most of the green until I saw the flag
6. +00:15Didn't know what all the streamers were about, ended up bouncing out to the road on the left and back in
7. Big Eddie went by fairly briskly. Kept him in sight until I punched here, then he was gone.
8. Easy
9. To the road and the entrance, then up the triangle of yellow to the apex, up the reentrant, just left of the big cliff on the dot knoll as I came off the spur, straight in from the left.
10. +00:20On compass, and I thought reading features, but got right of the small hill and past, had to look back
11. Easy, saw the flag from a distance
12. +00:10Got a bit off, but saw the flag to my right
13. +01:00Stopped short and checked off a bunch of cliffs
14. +05:00Across the marsh, followed trail until it started down, then angled pretty much straight. Past the lower of the two rocks in the big reentrant before the control, camd down just left of the control, but got interested in the cliffs to the left and kept following the line thinking it would be on the next one. What a dope! Finally realized I was really far away from the buildings
15. Left of first building, then around the back, counting them.
16. Threading through the buildings, right by where the car was parked
F. Got a little right and went under a building. Not often I go through a mapped solid feature.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:45

Split Analysis

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