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Race Evaluation

West Point: Sprint


1. I had a late start on my Red course earlier. Peggy and I signed-up as soon as we got back to Camp Brukner. I needed to warm-up so I waited around a little then shuffled in the parking lot to warm-up. I saw a few starts and the finish. While waiting, Ross Smith shivered along with me. Starting several minutes behind Sam Listwak and an older person I didn't know, I felt self concious of being slow to find the start triangle with Peter G. watching. Once I did, I was quick to find the sidewalk and went on the right side around the building to the control.
2. +00:08The green looked bad so I went around to the left on the paved road. I came all the way to the intersection w/the dirt road then down to the strange corral-like area. I around it on the right side and turned left at the corner. The older person who started ahead of me seemed to be passing the control. I cut right after getting past the slash but was too far left. Fortunately I saw it and corrected.
3. +00:45Like others, I took off on the short leg and went to the visible rock. Not having read the code, I didn't look on the other side; the side on the edge of the thorns. I looked at the bunker to my left and couldn't understand why I couldn't see it on a 60m leg. I turned back 2/3 of the way to #2 then came at it again. I would have liked to go back and checkout what I was seeing as it almost seemed there were two rocks, not one. I vaguely remember going to the same rock that I first did then cutting south to the correct one seeing it on the other side.
4. +00:35One error leads to another as I rushed out. I went around to the left by the corral-like area and passed Ross who was headed the other way toward #2. At the road, I crossed it and went up a contour toward the knoll. Re-reading the map sent me back across the road to the control but the older man now behind me since #2 seemed to do the same thing I did on this control.
5. Instinct was to get back to the road the way I came so I did and went the slightly longer way around to the left. I had felt better than I did when on the Red course but not so much that I felt I was running this flat leg very fast. I read ahead on the map. At the end I went around the green to the right, seeing the control from the road.
6. I had been warned about the Trail-O Championship going on and told that it was better not to interrrupt them by going around. I returned to the road and went right to it.
7. Again not feeling very fast.
8. Staying on the trail.
9. I briefly thought to cut across not being able to distinguish the blue from the black while on the run. I ran around and was glad when I saw how deep the water and ditch was. Coming off the merging Y-intersection, I ran right past some Trail-O controls in the clearing. I never saw the first big cliff so I must have been above it. I saw Sam Listwak below and he commented on hating rock as he continued to move down the hill away from the control. I kept moving higher looking for the back side of the hill. I hit the cliff just right.
10. Going straight, I could make out where the reentrant would be from the shape of the crest before climbing to it.
11. I somewhat contoured but as I crested, the wind picked-up and blew the control up high enough for it to be seen far off. I would have been on target anyway but it let me run a little harder.
12. +00:12I didn't wait much to set a bearing or understand the contour. I got off to the left knoll and had to cut over at the end.
13. Going straight I was looking for the spur coming off the hill. It was much more prominent than the map seemed to indicate. Because of this I slowed so as not to pass it. I hit it.
14. +00:15I didn't see options to the left. I decided to cross the marsh quickly where it was narrow. Cutting right, I used the trail. I left that before it started dropping a lot. The sidehill running and steep climbing was difficult. I kept track of the largish spurs and also used the position of the barracks to triangulate the cliff. I caught and passed a person who had taken a shorter but steeper route. Nearing the control I approached from the top of the cliff. Going to the end and edge, I still couldn't see it but I dropped down anyway and punched as Ross Smith came-in from the low end of the cliff.
15. I rushed out heading toward the middle of the barracks before deciding to go around on the right side. I was worried about staying ahead of Ross. I looked ahead toward #16 and decided I would use the trapezoidal parking area as an attack point for that.
16. +00:20I wasted no time leaving #15 and cut right a little after crossing the road so that I could get an easier path down the hill to the next road. This put me at the trapezoidal parking lot I'd planned to use earlier when running to #15. Unfortunately hearing Ross bearing down on me I went to the end of the lot and kept going straight instead of cutting left to the control. I rounded a barrack and had to come back discovering that Ross had got ahead.
F. +00:06I went along the path chasing Ross and not reading very well. I should have kept going straight around the barracks to the right but seeing Ross ahead cut left and under one barrack, I followed and hit the road. I turned right on the road and Ross was already out of sight. As I got near, Ross had just punched and was pointing me there. Thanks!

Total Time Lost - 00:02:21

Split Analysis

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