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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: Classic Distance: Blue


1. Knew I'd have to push really hard to have a shot at the Team, so I went out at the pace I'd normally push for a 25 minute race, and a hard one at that, and tried to hold it. Almost made it except for a few navigational issues when fatiguing, mentally as much as physically, near the end. Darn straight to the spur down & up.
2. I can't remember this at all. The trail looks decent but I don't think I took that...
3. Very straight, using reentrant junctions and compass.
4. +00:30Miscounted major reentrants, and searched early greener one before greenishness and lack of bag clued me to look at my map again.
5. +00:10Around right, contouring kinda sucked, and I may have dropped too low near end going to creek junc.
6. Around left, contoured through some crap then compass down through greenish. Hit creek right at reentrant, went up left. Ding. Passed Syd here who was going up the right side of the reentrant.
7. +00:07Thought I was drifting left, so overcorrected right. Syd didn't catch up so I figured he was moving slow, or having similar issues.
8. Stichted together several bits of runnability for a good split. SE down, then up to trail E, then N in clearing to next rail E to white forest E to Road E then NE, then jumped into white reentrant, down E, up E btwn 3 & 4, bearing across.
9. +00:10Pass Tom Carr who's fixing a contact on the way out of 8. A bit left of line, then perhaps too steep down up and left of line. Perhaps going up creek itself then over would have been faster.
10. Straight, then up creek all the way to bag - see Clem & John F. near bag.
11. Dog leg, then climb out and scan the ditches. N of 10 and W of 11. Check map, oh, maybe I'm left, and then I see Clem coming from general direction where I think 11 is. Over there I go
12. And back past the reentrant, I run hard hoping to catch sight of Clem again. I see him exitting far right just as I come over the ridge, but that's enough to confirm my bearing and that the little teeny reentrant becomes the one with the bag in it. My best split.
13. Exit high, catch trails, then bearing to to 13. Catch Eddie here.
14. +00:05Right through junction toward 14, reading 15 a lot. Eddie catches back up until I stop map-reading.
15. Around right, through start lot, cut to road, right of fence right by 17 confirming bag. Up reentrant checking out hill where 16 must be. (Basically the fact that I'd get to check out 17 and 16 helped me make up my mind on this route choice.)
16. On the way out, I see Clem & Eddie going in. Barely bump Clem in mid-air leaping a stream in opposite directions. Up a little late.
17. Back along stream and then aim direct to 17 along route scouted while enroute to 15.
18. +00:25Along trail, but then get off it at westernmost point and take the forest. Somehow I didn't see that it went through green and went back to the line. That was costly as Eddie catches back up near the bag.
19. +00:10Eddie is with me as we go through the parking lot, and I stick to too much pavement going to 19 and he gets a little ahead. Apparently, 90 minutes into this race, he's somehow recovered from his cold that wrecked the first 90% of his Team Trials.
20. +00:15Exitted a little too far left, then aim right past building, trail out and contour around once it hits reentrant. Read well and catch bad up to Eddie at end of leg (he was as much as 20 seconds ahead in the middle.)
21. Contouring. Eddie pulls away. Amazing that he's recovered. Either that or I'm weakening a lot (but apparently it's the former...)
22. +02:00WOC chances down the drain on this one. Multiple issues... First I exit thinking I just have to run up the spur and I'll be back on the same trail. But it doesn't work as the trail is wrong. (Eddie's doing the same thing ahead of me.) I bail back to the right spur, costing some climb, and am finally on the right trail. Then somehow, before the parking lot, I skip ahead mentally and think I'm NW of 19, when I'm at the other reentrant junction. So I cross it, and run up it in M-green until I see the lot and figure it out. I then go right along the top of the #19, although I now think hitting the trail in would have been a little better. Boris catches me near the end with Tom. Eddie is just ahead (his early drift right was longer, but about as costly as my double-error)
23. +00:06Boris and I end up drifting E somehow until we have a great view of the lake just as we hit the trail. Yeah there was some green in the way, but I'm pretty sure I was using my compass to push me close to the right bearing into the green. Apparently not enough. As we emerge, Boris & Tom pull away.
F. Soon after we finish, Dan S-H comes in, slightly edging out Boris, even while navigating mostly alone (as I did.) So he's quite deservedly earned a slot ahead of me on the scoring list, with 3 head-to-head wins - increasing from <1% on Day 1 to ~4% on day 3...

Total Time Lost - 00:03:58

Split Analysis

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