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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: Classic Distance: Blue


1. Down the trail, around the first ditch just off the trail. Then straight. Down the reentrant by the junction and up the reentrant with the control.
2. Down reentrant, past the pond. Took the trail to the clearing. Passed Eddie in the clearing. He wasn't looking good. From field skirt reentrant over to stream and down to ditch.
3. Straightish, staying slightly left to avoid rentrant and worst green.
4. straight. Somewhere around here I think is where I caught Andrew Komm. Didn't know who he was until we talked afterward.
5. Took the right route staying high on the hill but hopefully avoiding the worst green.
6. Misread read the map and thought the control was on the same side as control number 5. So I started off south around the stream. At the southern tip it was getting green so I cut down to the stream. picked up a animal track and followed it along the stream. Followed the stream until the proper reentrant and up to the control.
7. straight. Andrew Komm still around. He was right of the control. I tried to run in and punch without stopping to loose him.
8. What a shitty leg. All green. Down reentrant, across stream, up trail by reentrant. See Tim Good ahead of me. He doesn't appear to be on the trail. Up to the road. Tim still ahead of me. Down road to clearing area. Cut across the green (tough and thorny) to the marsh leading into the reentrant. It was suppose to be less green but it was thorny. Part of the time I spent running down the stream as it was the only way to get through. Looked up and Tim is still ahead of me. Go to big reentrant junction and run up opposite reentrant. Tim Still ahead of me. Then Tim yell something like "oh damn". I glance over and it looks like he dropped his dibber or something. All is ok so I run on.
9. run hard as I think is coming up on me. Turns out to be some west point cadet. Near the control I hesitate to make sure I spike it only to realize the control was hung high and you could see it from way off.
10. Ran up the stream.
11. Drank water at 11. had a power gel.
12. Took the trail to the left but should have run straight.
13. Straightish. Didn't take the trail.
14. straightish
15. straightish. To field area, skirting the out of bounds. Cross the road and along the stream to the trail. Trail through the green. Straight to the field and control.
16. I was to far left and it was all green. Andrew Komm passed me back. He went where there was less green.
17. straight
18. Didn't take a good route. In trying to skirt green ended up hitting the pond area. Caught Brian Moore here I think.
19. To the parking area. Feeling good. Here people cheering for me. Brian and I racing along. Cut in at the fence area.
20. +02:00Head to the parking lot. Getting tired. Stop and tie my shoe at the field. Mihai Veres goes running by followed by Brian Moore. cut into the wood and get a stick caught between my legs and get a cramp. Just then Randy Hall and David Onkst go by. Everybody passing me and I can't do anything but stand there and stretch. Soon I hobble on. Lost my concentration and bobble control a little.
22. head towards the circle on the road and take the left trail to 22. From road get to far right and have to run through green to get to control.
23. Hesitated at building. Building right by circle and didn't see it on the map. Not sure building was correct size on map. Hesitated because I couldn't see the trail behind the building.
F. Still worried about cramping so could only hobble in.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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