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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: Classic Distance: Red


1. Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Ran too fast
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
no thinking going on in my brain ... headed left on a trail, wanting to take the south-bound trail through the flat green ... and ignored the fact that there was a ditch to my left. finally realized it, so i crossed another ditch to the right ... confused, realized i needed to cross a flat green area so i followed my compass & headed into the green ... but i sensed it was wrong and checked again, finally seeing i was making a 180 :-( ... back to the ditch stuff and total confusion (not sure why, i could only be in one place ...) ... eventually i realized about where i was (between 7 & 8) and then i had no trouble finding the control. not happy with myself
2. +01:00still confused by the trails & ditches ... so, slow to make it there
3. loved the field of daffodils, even though most weren't in bloom yet
4. along the indistinct trail in the white, past the blue control on the pit, then down the reentrant to the junction and up
5. straight
6. +00:30stayed high to the south of the reentrants; past the pit control again; crossed the stream directly across from the waterfall. climbed up the waterfall and ran in the stream. lost confidence just before the control and climbed the wrong hill, realizing quickly that wasn't right and crossing back to the right area
7. cautious
8. recognized the trail from my earlier error ... but at least this time i knew where i was
9. not confident even though i was heading directly for the control ...
10. nice woods here, open & gentle
11. almost took the trail through the start but decided to go north past the cemetary instead. then took the road all the way to the junction -- wary of the green i guess -- passing don & marit on their way to the start; hit the trail just before the big bend but the bend was concealed by water/trees so i went through some green to get onto it. first at the control as i had to open the water jug
12. not too fast in the green.
13. +00:30too warm for the gloves so i took them off as i ran through the parking area and put them on the windshield of our car ... but it was breezy and i was afraid they'd blow away so i spent several seconds getting them under the wipers before i realized nadim was still in the car
14. +01:00climbed up the second spur instead of the third and decided to take the Prairie Trail ... not the best route which i knew so i ran as hard as i could. control feature seemed a lot bigger/more distinct than on the map
15. +01:30over the hill too far left but i wasn't sure and i turned left ... saw the bridge down below and turned back. big boulder in the stream not mapped ...
16. +00:30fell in the stream, wet up to mid-thighs and splashed on my face/map/etc. down through yellow to unmapped trail to mapped trail; through woods once the trail crossed the stream. so i ended up high and had to go downhill a bit to the control
17. +00:30hit the first field and briefly thought i was in the second ... then re-twisted my ankle passing someone on the trail just before the last control. i cried out, and the woman said "you'll make it!"
F. painful "run" in (though the video nadim took doesn't do justice to the way I felt)

Total Time Lost - 00:12:30

Split Analysis

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