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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: Classic Distance: Blue


1. Around the first gully on the trail then straight across to the spur. A bit right and took the trail to the bend then down and up.
2. Down to the stream jcts. then straight. Plenty of features along the way to know where I was.
3. +02:00Straight line along the tops of the reentrants. Should have gone right to it but got a little to far N crossing the green and wasted time in the reentrant. While cutting over saw Dave and Jeff who had started 6 & 3 minutes ahead going to 4.
5. +03:00Around to the S to avoid the green but the side hill running was slick and there was a lot of deadfall for slow running. Up the reentrant and ditch but did not see any bag when the ditch seemed to end. Wend SW to make sure I was on the right spur. Saw the drop off, came back and this time found the control. Not much of a ditch.
6. SW and angled down. Crossed the stream and up the E face of the spur. Indistinct trail around but took awhile to catch it
8. +18:00Leaving #7 I saw Ted coming in. We took different lines thru the green and he had pulled even by the road crossing. I crossed at the trail jct, he was more North. I took the alley of lighter green and then along the reentrant, attacking from the reentrant between 3 & 4. Managed to stay ahead of Ted and would have spiked the control if my glasses had not been knocked off. Stopped at the spot where they were knocked off but could not find them. Had used a streamer on them yesterday but forgotten today. First I looked, then I crawled around, then looked from a distance, tried using a pinhole to get better focus and finally sifted thru the leaves in a steadily widening circle. Eventually found them well forward of where I expected. Thanks to all those who offered assistance as they ran by and even to Eddie who avoided me because he thought I was making a pit stop. While looking everyone from Ted thru Boris passed me.
9. Had to get motivated to run again. Instead of feeling rested after my break I felt stiff. Crosed the reentrants at the forks and straight in. Did not even notice the pit as the control was hung high.
19. Mikell, Ken and shortly after Eric all passed me. I managed to maintain contact on the open running and thru the green
20. +01:30Once we hit the up and down climb after the road, I could not keep up. Lost my place on the map and took a final approach from the wrong trail/reentrant crossing ending up well south of the correct spot.

Total Time Lost - 00:24:30

Split Analysis

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