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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: Classic Distance: Red


1. +08:30Disaster! Not even worth discussing it.
2. followed trails around big reentrants
3. straight
4. found an unmapped ride that kinda freaked me out, but it was fast and going the right direction down the spur. Crossed the big reentrant just above the junction and then followed the edge around to the control
5. straight
6. followed ditch/stream to big reentrant, then straight to the bottom of the reentrant system on the east side of the main stream. followed stream up to the control (bad footing, but easier than the greasy slopes)
7. +00:30went a bit right and lost some time having to cross 2 extra ditches
8. straight
9. drifted slightly right, but relocated without trouble after crossing the trail and followed the spur down to the control
10. contoured over then up the spur
11. stayed about 2 lines above the stream until I hit the out of bounds tape. ran along the tape to the road, then cut through the light green to the trail leading into the control
12. straight, but not moving too quick
13. went a bit left then through the parking area
14. +00:30went too far left and wound up in the field south of the control before hitting the road. got back on line after crossing road and went straight
15. straight
16. +03:00fairly straight, following the stream after crossing the road. Somehow got right after crossing the second road and punched the orange control that was in a reentrant right by the parking area. As I started towards 17, I realized I had hit the parking area way too quickly and after some head scratching, went back and got the right marker
17. straight
F. wanted to just jog in, but for some reason a whole bunch of people were yelling so I made a half-hearted sprint

Total Time Lost - 00:12:30

Split Analysis

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