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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: Classic Distance: Red


1. Aimed for the trail, then followed the reentrant down to the trail.
2. I was close to the control, then thought I had to go farther. Saw the main stream below, then came back to the control.
3. My left orthotic was shifted, so I punched in at 2 first then had to take my entire damn shoe off to adjust it. Joe Brautigham went by as I was doing it. Once I got going followed the right side of the reentrant to the control.
4. Went mostly straight. Hit the fence, went to the 2 rootstocks and attacked from there.
5. Aimed off a little to the left.
6. Followed the reentrant to the fence. Then went to the right of the line to stay away from the cliffs. As I descended to the main reentrant, saw David Frei. Went up the right side of the reentrant. At the complicated area, saw the control passed David in the distance (they were both in the distance by now).
7. Straight at it. As I was crossing the reentrant I slipped and fell down. Ran several steps before I realized that I had no map. Had to cross the reentrant again to retrieve it.
8. Mostly straight.
9. Angled up the hillside. Aimed at the nearest ditches and went to the right of them. Should have stayed to the left! I had to cross a major reentrant to get to the control. To make matters worse, when I spotted the control I turned my left ankle. It slowed me down for a little while, but got better.
10. I planned to contour around the spur a little since we had to cross a big reentrant. I lost focus and decided that I needed to cross around the tip of the lake. I actually started climbing hand over foot up the next side before I realized that my control was back on the other side. Idiot! I followed the stream to the small ditch below the control and made the 4 contour climb up to the 0.2m high rock pile.
11. They warned us about the keep-out area, so I went on the trail way right passed the start area, between the lakes, across the road. Cut over to the road to the fenced area, back on the trail. Followed the left side of the reentrant (right side of the thick stuff) to the clearing and the control.
12. Straightish to the control. Stayed right of the main gully to the correct spur.
13. Went through the finish area. Didn't see Paula. Attacked from the rough clearing.
14. Ran to the little building/clearing. Intended to use the black X and fence, but didn't see either one. Could read the contours though into the control.
15. Straight to the control.
16. Ran to the road. Cut over to the trail at the clearing. Jeff Saeger passed me here (the ultimate insult!). Followed the trail and reentrant to the road. Kept going straight to the control.
17. Straight
F. Could hear Paula in the distance. Could also see Mikell telling Paula about my jogging mistress (Annie my yellow lab).

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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