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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig IX: Classic Distance: Red


1. I was expecting to have a bit of a gap between Spike and myself but at the Start, we realized he'd be going out two minutes behind me. Peggy advised me to be careful at the Start. I looked around carefully while waiting to go and noted all the many trails (5 or 6 almost at the same junction). I decided to go left on the trail to the bend, then right to the trail paralleling the shallow reentrant. Where the reentrant ended I set a bearing and went for it--not the best plan but I executed well coming out right at the correct reentrant. I recognized it quickly and noted seeing Greg Balter coming the other direction for some reason.
2. +00:25I contoured a bit right, crossed and climbed. The trails here seemed odd or perhaps extra. I passed the control and realized it at the green.
3. Down along the small reentrant then left once across the stream to get around the green. I was a little hesitant at the end not coming-up far enough.
4. +03:15I didn't look at wide route choices enough the day before so when faced with a lot of green woods I looked for trails. I went left, fumbling some before getting on the trail that took me all the way past the pond, the field and control #5. Nearing #4 I was on track but saw the makings of a reentrant to my right before seeing the correct one. I went right and saw Mike Eglinski along the way going the other direction toward the control. After checking the reentrant that drew me off I corrected and think I got there just ahead of Mike by sprinting.
5. I ran out of #4 fast and confident that I knew where #5 was (from my bad route to #4). I aimed-off left a bit much not having taken much of a bearing. Mike was just behind.
6. +00:45I again ran out of the previous control quickly in a push to stay ahead and perhaps separate from Mike. I went down the reentrant then straight at the bend. I was kicking myself for not staying in the reentrant longer as that would have saved climbing over a ridge. I think Mike was taking a route further to either the right or left of me (not sure which but he wasn't right behind me). At the large reentrant, I noted the edge of the lake and dropped down quick to where some West Point cadets were. I crossed the stream behind one and suddenly found myself climbing a waterfall when planning just to get up the bank. Checking the map it seemed a reasonable approach so I chased on cadet with another cadet(?)behind. Soon I was leading as the first one paused at a fork. I got to the correct spur and climbed it only a little NW of the control. However once up, I spotted another control across a reentrant and to my right. I fell for it, crossing the reentrant and checking the code. Flustered, I realized I was right all along. Instead of crossing back to where I was, I went upstream a little to reduce the drop, then hit the control perfectly. I wasn't sure where Mike was.
7. Contouring a bit to the left. Mike got there just after I did but seemed to come from another direction or perhaps he did that for #6?
8. While I paused reading to plot a route, Mike jumped ahead. Nearing the control, I was ready to pull-up short but seeing Mike not hesitate to go further, I did too and we spiked the control.
9. Mike left taking a higher route than I. I hoped to save climb going toward the reentrant. With Mike to my right and ahead a bit, we emerged from the green. Mike didn't hesitate cutting left and going down the spur. I realized it seconds later and played catch-up.
10. I was thinking I'd cross the reentrant immediately but seeing Mike go up SW first, it made sense as a better route especially since it would reduce our climb on the next and bigger reentrant west of the control. We crossed the gullies just above the junctions. With me in chase, Mike spiked the control.
11. We ran out of the control and upon crossing the next reentrant, I got ahead a few steps. Prior to the out of bounds area, I paused to read and Mike plowed along to the left. I was glad the area was streamered because I thought I was going to have to drop down to the stream. Mike got to the road and we swung left. I pulled ahead following the curve around past the road and cut-in at an indistinct area 100m or so before the fence. Angling over, I crossed the fence and saw runners running out of the field which helped clue me in to the control.
12. I ate a Gu and drank as Mike came in and out. I got going again with him ahead and a West Point runner behind me. Once across the road with all the green, I was less certain about where we were but mostly stayed along the reentrant and chasing Mike to the control.
13. Mike got out fast and went more right than I thought we should. I led the West Point runner left to the road and past the burial mound/finish parking lot area getting some cheers from QOC in the process. I cut some road corners off and used the field as an easy attack getting there before Mike but with the West Point runner right behind.
14. Rushing out to lose the West Point runner and not being sure where Mike was, I didn't lay out a good plan before taking off. At the road crossing I off the left side of the parking lot. Going a little too wide left while partially contouring around, Mike took a straighter line. I and the West Point runner got behind him as he led us in. Some others were converging too.
15. Stanislav and David Knight were a bit ahead. Mike seemed to pause to read while I took off mostly straight and chasing Stanislav who looked strong. I went a bit left to lessen climb and seemed to have a shorter line than others.
16. David Knight and Stanislav were out fast. Both seemed to take us further right an up the reentrant w/o crossing it. Mike came-up from behind to my east. As we neared the next road, Mike seemed to shift right and take us to the parking area. I wondered why but at that point I was tired and not thinking of risking a big separation. We followed the shallow reentrant up a bit before stopping. Mike suddenly shifted left and the rest of us chased to the control.
17. I chased Mike quickly out of #16 and put in a burst to catch him at the Go control.
F. A tired sprint got me finishing a second faster than Mike on the leg but we crossed the ling about the same time.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:25

Split Analysis

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