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Race Evaluation

CSU meet at Rocky Woods: Red


1. I was going to learn from last weekend and maintain focus. Right. Out of the gate - not. I planned to go N and hit the trail. Instead NW and hit heavy veg before figuring it out. In the middle was confused where I was, but kept a bearing anyway. OK at end.
2. Don't know why I started up, because I ended up back in the reentrant anyway.
4. Ugh. Was right of the line, found myself looking at the trail and having to follow along the slope E, hesitantly.
5. Followed trails to boulders E of control then in.
7. No control flag at the hilltop. But then I looked behind the boulder.
8. Plan was to go Nish and hit the vague trail, then turn R at swamp. In hindsight I must have hit the bigger trail and turned right at the pond. Recovered, then plan was to head up the hill in front of the control and skirt the top. Instead hit the trail to the E and ending up coming in from the E.
12. There was a convergence at the hill S of the control - Sam, Giovanni, Katia and me. I was confident where I was and ran ahead, missing to the E. As I was standing, puzzled, the others ran by... I followed their path back.
13. E to trails then gratuitous climb over rocky ridge. Should have gone around.
14. Had a great plan which was to find the vague trail and follow it. Which I started to do. I have no idea why I diverged because it cost me. I ran over a clear hilltop expecting to see the boulder on the other side. Nope.
15. Misread the map, overshot.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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