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Race Evaluation

Hickory Run: Blue Long


1. Quick compass & run, looking for the field corner, and not worrying much when I didn't really see it
2. +00:30Overshot right, seeing marsh/pond before realizing the clearing would be inside and not beyond the pines... A more precise bearing, and some better understanding of likely forest/clearing types would've helped.
4. +00:15Jordan can run... Used the fild, and reentrants, but almost oveshot low
5. +00:20Bad bearing or something. Stopped as I hit the hill, didn't see it, looked around.. A more precise bearing would've helped.
6. +00:20Should've stayed on my compass line, trying to pick up knolls and light green, but turned right at saddle trying to pick up the distinct yellow spots, which was surprisingly hard this time..
7. +00:10Hesitation on the way up the hill - bearing from contour-bend in field was okay, but imprecise starting point, and couldn't read what knoll/boulder was what
8. +02:00Knew I was drifting left of line (due to green) but didn't compensate enough when dropping into the reentrant. Recovered (100m-130m North) at combination of broken ground and then boulder/dot-knoll. - To fix - IF knowingly getting off line, proactively correct.
10. +00:15High contour approach. Hestitant/careful on the way in, because a lost situation would've been bad. A low approach from the line marsh may have been safe enough to move faster. Or even a higher contour approach to the reentrant and drop. Ross caught me (4 minutes) here.
11. Tried to keep up with Ross down/up then contoured in. He zig-zagged more, too far L on way in, but maybe that was for T/boulder confidence? Not much behind until I fell 20m from the control.
12. +01:30Hard run on a bearing, catching glimpses of Ross, knowing I had Ross coming in from the right (ahead of me) and the trail to my L to catch me. Yet I somehow managed to slot myself between 12 and the trail all the way to the index contour hill. Couldn't believe I was there for 20-40 seconds, making a 1 minute error worse...
13. Straight bearings, looking for edges of hill (and, hopes not answered, Ross's shirt...)
17. S to trail to junction, then S down through mostly-white to field I knew from 6-7 then up looking for rock I knew from 9-10 but missed it, but still climbed okay then went by rough contour, and rough light green to the broken ground then tree.
23. +01:00Exit up, then along trail, then over white hill, then tough fight ENE to white, and though I'd popped out higher. Ran above some pines (unmapped boundary, perhaps not distinct?) but things got thick and then I spotted the pond, so went uphill from there finding the mapped boundary white spots, then read the green okay in from there
24. +00:15Recalled the pond and approach to pond and reversed that, but then was hesitant in curving NW around the green toward the bag (lots of other people milling around to the N & E of here.)
25. +00:05E then N in white over hill, cross trail, hit pond, then to R end after checking map - should've memorized R-end of pond in early glances, thus avoiding the dead stop at the side of the pond.
26. Splashed through stream, knee deep. Brrr.
F. Got AJ. He was 41 (so was Angelica, who was racing Zack. He's getting fast...)

Total Time Lost - 00:06:40

Split Analysis

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