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Race Evaluation

DVOA Sprints: Curly (1)


1. Saw where everyone was going. Ran hard using a bit of pavement, punched fast. Won my only split of the weekend.
2. Around right. Snow depth was a bit demoralizing and I lost some time here due to not pushing hard enough. I think.
3. Around right, then left. Did anybody go all left?
4. Around left. I think they were nearly equivalent.
5. Back past 3, then out to 5. Maybe right then stairs was faster?
6. Catching up to Dave (QOC) here and 7
7. Saw Dave back out from too close to bushes.
8. Left, passed Dave. Apparently he hit the fence, went through it...
9. Close to line on second half to avoid snow.
10. Straightish looked really hard and windy, and around right looked easy are not bad (incl. plenty of pavement) so I took right.
11. Left. Passed Hunter here. It looks like he has slowed down a bit, as I think he could ran as fast as me last year. I'm sure he can get that speed back if he works at it.
12. Threaded between building and fence.
13. Left then right.
F. One of 3 9 second finish splits...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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