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Race Evaluation

US Team Fundraiser: Sprint


1. +00:04I started 6 minutes after Dave Onkst and 1-2 minutes ahead of Eric Bone. I realized why people weren't running hard out of the start when I got the map and couldn't see the course. Luckily I didn't start first and I found the start triangle while crossing the parking lot going straight. I hit the circle and had to make a 90 degree right turn to the control.
2. Going right on the line, I was annoyed w/myself while decending the earth banks for not being certain exactly where the control would be. I saw it as I got closer.
3. Around to the left, I knew where to go but couldn't tell why I didn't see it from far off until I got close and found it low to the ground.
4. +00:04Down the road, turn right and trudged up the hill off the bend. The scale started to throw me here. I thought I had another ridge to run. I figured control 626 wasn't the right one but checked it anyway. An older orienteer ahead of me clued me in to climb higher. I walked some. As I lined-up to punch I heard rustling leaves from behind.
5. I descended on the edge of the reentrant and caught the other guy from #4(?) just past the bottom. Unlike on Sunday when I clawed my way up the spur chasing Mathias, I angled up the reentrant. Part way up still running, Eric Bone attacked the spur. I figured he'd catch me then but walking and jogging the steep side of the reentrant I managed to get there ahead of him.
6. As I decided what to do, Eric came in to #5 and out ahead of me. We went down the trail. I had decided to (and did) cut left from the high bend and come down the first spur. Eric stuck with the trail and was able to cut in well ahead of me even though it was a longer distance for him.
7. +00:10I didn't set a good line and was interested in keeping contact with Eric. I did neither. Getting a little too far left, I saw Eric cutting across my path from right to left so I knew what happened.
8. +00:10I'd lost track of Eric and set off high at first. I had to force myself to get down to the bottom. The scale threw me again. I didn't realize I'd gotten to the gap so soon. An older orienteer I'd seen ahead and had caught had already angled up. I made a 90 degree right turn to get there.
9. +01:00Remembering my run yesterday from the spectator control, I retraced it going around the hill on the left side. I should have went over the top. In the field I saw both fence gaps and wanted the left one. I was concerned that I'd get caught-up in the vines so much so that passing through, I ran out into the road without looking--luckily there was no car. My brain started to effectively fall apart here. With the parking lot a different color and trying to run hard I got confused. I remembered Dave Onkst's fast split on Blue the day before when he went around to the right. I passed the first knoll on my left and got to the second road and being confused thought for just long enough that it was the first road. A look at the big knoll ahead and my problems with scale earlier made me think it was the first knoll. I went right passing near the Go control. By then I knew I was making an error and was embarassed. Rounding the corner, I saw Dave Onkst and knew that he knew I was making an error... I trudged right up to the control after that dejected but still with hopes that I could make a halfway decent run. The older orienteer from #8 nearly caught-up with me.
10. +00:50Wanting to catch-up, I didn't pick the best route. I went left up the road and attacked from the bend. Crossing the trail still knowing where I was, something was not right with the mapping of the trail. Peggy confirmed this having experienced it on her run. While trying to make sense of it I suddenly thought I had left the road from the road on the right! I nearly ran off the map by going too far left. I relocated and recovered quickly but in a sprint event, this error was ages. The orienteer from #8 caught-up with me.
11. +00:30I had much trouble reading the course on the map from here on. Some might say it started earlier but remember this is relatively... I couldn't find #11 after punching #10. Finally seeing it, I set a quick bearing but didn't memorize the route at all. I headed off and not seeing it, I bounded the creek with the memory of what Will Hawkins had said about the course running through creeks needlessly--Will had mentioned it after having already run. I had a sense of distance by now and realized after crossing that I should see the control or at least know its relation to the creek before going further. Again I couldn't read the course on the map. Finding it I trudged over just as a teenager was getting there.
12. The teen from #11 took off on the left road. I found #11 on the course quicker this time but ran slow until I found #12. The teen noticed I wasn't behind him and we both saw it about the same time. He darted in ahead of me.
13. +00:15The teen and I stood in the flowing water. I again lost my place on the course but found it a little sooner this time. Another guy came in to punch #12. The teen was still reading when the other guy and I took off. I climbed about a countour going around and got there ahead of the other guy. I guess I should have gone straight over the top from the time lost to others on this leg.
F. +00:06I really was out of rhythm by now and didn't know #13 was the Go control. I should have known it since the Onksts had pointed it out to me before we all had left to warm-up. I fumbled with the map trying to read the course while everyone was yelling at me to go. The other guy I'd beat to #13 went on as I stared at my map. Finally I heard the people yelling and found my place on the map and trotted-in further embarassed--it was a very long 6 seconds reading.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:09

Split Analysis

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