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Race Evaluation

US Two-day Classic O Championships: Day 2 Red X


3. Running hard, not reading the map much, and I drifted left. My plan had been to run around the N end of the large marsh, but I realized that I had crossed S of it, so I changed the plan and ran up the W side instead, which was fine.
4. Got to the center of the circle, checked the clues, and saw that I needed to find a boulder. Scanned the horizon for one, then realized that I was standing next to one. If I had taken one more step, I would have seen the control next to it.
6. Kind of just ran hard, trying to keep track of where I was. Crossed the large marsh 40% of the way along close to its middle. No problem knowing where I was when I got to the end.
9. Worried about this one, as it looked possible to screw it up. Took the trail on top of the ridge as far as it went, which gave me a short attack with two intermediate features.
10. Took off NE since the slope was least steep that way, and just bombed downhill. Managed to take advantage of trails in two spots and had no trouble finding the control.
11. Biggest error of the day. Oxygen deprived brain didn't deal well with the transition to flattish, bland terrain, and I pulled up short and wandered a bit before matching up the terrain to the map.
13. Moving pretty fast on a comfortable downhill slope, and since I had previewed the last control, I was able to go straight to it from the clearing, unlike the other people there who went much too far to the right.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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