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Race Evaluation

US Team Fundraiser: Blue


1. A little bit right of the line, about 100 m or so for most of the leg.
2. Jukka caught up just after this control.
3. Contoured, so that I didn't hit the valley bottom until the trail. Came into the circled boulder, and wondered why Jukka was so far up the slope. Not seeing a control where it should have been, I looked up where Jukka had been and saw it up above in the unmapped stuff.
4. +05:00Went directly to the right area and hunted around some, but didn't see the flag, and there was no reentrant to look in. Since the stony ground kept going, I wondered if I might not have gone far enough, so I went about 150 m further, saw the spur (it was actually a knoll), and turned around. Jon Torrance was there, and somebody else as well, further up the hillside. Hunted around a little more and spotted the control down the hill a way in an imaginary reentrant.
6. Followed the stream down to the trail, then pretty much straight.
9. A little left, through the edge of the logged area.
11. +01:00There was an unmapped trail near the control that was much more distinct than the mapped ones, but I kept my head together and ignored it..
12. The leg looked easy, and I didn't pay close attention, with the result that I played pinball once I crossed the road, bouncing from saddle to saddle until I found one with a flag in it.
13. Almost lost touch again, drifting a little to the right, but pulled it together.
14. Two other guys on my tail, again a little to the right, but stayed in contact.
15. +00:30Hightailed it out to try to stay ahead of the other guys, and when I got to the stream, I wasn't quite sure exactly where I was. I saw two gullies ahead of me, and the map showed the control in the one on the left, but I wasn't certain that the map mightn't have missed one, so I skittered over and took a peek up one on on the right first. No control, and I might have just gone up it and crossed over on top, but it looked too steep, so I skitted back to the left and went up the wall diagonally.
16. Ate energy gel in anticipation of the water stop. Sergei Zhyk caught up and there were four of us running along the stream valley. All four of us got suckered into the other control 200 m before ours.
17. Had to stop and take off a shoe to dump out gravel from the stream crossing, while the other guys went on ahead. At least one of them went straight out to the road, and I caught him by going up through the saddle. On the road, I got thrown by the extra (big!) trail at the stream valley, and thought I was somewhere else, so I stayed on the road, though I cut off the switchback. Looked like the stream bottom was rotten anyway, and I didn't drop down off the road until the stream branch, and I had a pretty smooth route.
18. Greg Balter passes me.
19. And Kenny, too.
20. Right of the line.
21. Took a header on the way down the reentrant.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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