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Race Evaluation

Telemark US Champs Day 2: Green Y


1. +02:00Run down power line just a short way and then angle across woods to lower trail. At bend in trail go into control but miss it and end up on trail to E of control. In again and find it. Really dumb route choice!
3. Take trail to where indistinct trail meets it above control.
4. +08:00Lose my mind here and wander aimlessly for hours - well, minutes. But it felt like hours!! Hit the trail below control & convince myself I know where I am s0, I go in again. Still can't find it. Start back to the trail again while working myself to the SE - find the control finally.
5. Go straight to this one.
6. Trails to clearing SE of control and then in.
7. Trails to small trail with the boulder at the turn. In to control.
8. Small trail to big trail to intersection & then in.
9. To trail and then around to below control.
11. Work way to control passing the boulder on the W.
14. +01:00Breathing is labored and I lose concentration. Run across extra trail which confuses me.
F. Run hard as usual to finish. Like this all downhill finish!

Total Time Lost - 00:11:00

Split Analysis

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