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Race Evaluation

1000 Day: Day 5: Red


1. Should have gone around the hill instead of straight over it. Saw Thorsten punch and leave the control.
3. Thorsten and i split up near the end of the leg. I think I punched in just before he did.
4. I went straight and gradually got on the road. Went up the wrong reentrant because the marsh had more water than I expected. Saw Thorsten as I was heading to 5.
5. Ran along the swamp before crossing through the thick green.
8. Was slow deciding what I was going to do. Don't know why I was slow here.
9. When I left 8, saw Steve Gregg so I did the old fake-a-roo. Pretended I hadn't found the control until I was out of sight, the ran like crazy.
10. Overran the control a little.
11. Could see my control location from a long ways away.
12. Came in a little low in the reentrant.
F. Bust a gut up the hill, because I could feel Steve right behind me (even though he wasn't)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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